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He’s performed in front of Royalty around the world, made an everlasting impact on history of Broadway, Dudu Fisher is a renaissance man who has forever made an impact on the world of music and performance!

While known worldwide for his “Les Miserables” performance as Jean Vajean, Dudu brings his story to the Midwest stage and takes you on an inspirational journey that will leave you entertained and touched.

Seen by millions around the world on television and through his live performances, he brings his famous “Jerusalem” to the Branson stage for a special set of limited engagements this November and December.

Created by Mr. Fisher and his manager Barbara Chipurnoi, you’ll hear nearly 20 different songs in nearly a half dozen languages in this historical, educational, and musical performance that must be seen to be appreciated!

See Dudu Fisher in “Jerusalem” in this “don’t miss” show!
Adult Ticket Price: $32.50
Child (13-17): $16.50
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