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Clay Cooper’s Country Express enjoys a prime spot on Branson’s list of can’t miss shows!  Clay’s show is legendary among visitors and locals alike; he delivers an amazing performance night after night, surrounded by a cast that features his talented family and some of the best musicians, singers, and dancers you’ll find anywhere.  The show is filled incredible energy, dazzling dance, side-splitting comedy, and loads of special features!  The fun is lead by the incomparable Cooper - he can deliver a country song like nobody’s business, and he also sings your favorite rock and pop tunes by artists like Bruno Mars and the Doobie Brothers.  His dynamic cast of players begins with his better half, the beautiful and graceful Tina Cooper.  A brilliant dancer herself, Tina choreographs the show and leads the talented troupe of dance artists, adding an element to each performance that makes it anything but a typical variety show.

Where to begin describing the rest of the stunning line-up in Clay Cooper’s show….how about the popular Johnny Lonestar?  He’s got an impressive resume as a Wild West entertainer, complete with expert gunslinging, whip cracking, and trick roping.  He’s entertained across the country, including a Top 20 finish on America’s Got Talent, and appearances on everything from the Jerry Lewis Telethon to the Comedy Central network.  Then there’s one of the funniest guys you’ll ever see - Matt Gumm.  He’s a gifted musician, and one delightfully skilled comedian - his hilarious impersonations of a variety of artists that include Garth Brooks, Michael Jackson, Tony Bennett, and Rod Stewart keep the audience rolling in the aisles!  If Matt doesn’t make you laugh hysterically, then you’re funny bone is broken!   Ezrah Noelle, who started singing as a toddler, brings an energetic blast to the show! She’s not yet a teenager and she’s already an accomplished singer, dancer, and songwriter, as well as a gifted yodeller.  Clay and Tina’s sons, Colt and Caden, both love to sing, dance, and make audiences laugh out loud.  A solid line-up of highly skilled dancers, musicians, and singers round out one of the best entertainment crews in all of Branson!

Helpful Information

  • Clay Cooper's Country Express can be found at the Clay Cooper Theatre.
  • The theatre is located at 3216 West Highway 76.
  • The show runs from March through December, usually at 7:30PM.
  • Clay Cooper's shows are at 10:00AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in May, September, and October.
  • The show is family-friendly and appropriate for all ages.
  • November and December features Clay's Ozark Mountain Christmas Celebration.
  • There is a gift shop and concession area in the lobby.

When you’re ready to hear great music...when you’re ready to enjoy neat tricks and special effects...when you’re ready to laugh until it hurts, you’re ready for Clay Cooper’s Country Express!

Make sure you come back for the Clay-Goods JamborEVE, the exciting Branson New Year’s Eve show that brings together the delightful Clay Cooper and the immensely popular Haygoods in one knockdown, bang-up, blast of a year-end celebration!
Christmas Show

Clay Cooper’s Ozark Mountain Christmas Celebration takes the stage with big holiday excitement during November and December! Clay’s huge cast of talented players turns on the Christmas charm for a show full of joy, inspiration, and old-fashioned family-friendly festivities.  Everyone from ole St. Nick himself to the Grinch get in on the act, to the total delight of young and old alike!  When it’s time to head to Branson for the yule-time season, make sure Clay Cooper’s Ozark Mountain Christmas Celebration is on your holiday hit list!

Adult (17+): $34.05
Teen (13-16): $16.13
Child (4-12): $14.34

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9 reviews

"Best Show!!!"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 3, 2017
This was the first show we saw when we got to Branson. I just chose it not knowing what to expect and I hadn't really heard or read anything about it., But it was the best show we saw on this visit. I absolutely loved it! It was packed with entertainment and the time flew by. I loved the way he brought his faith and patriotism into the show. This is a must see show when you are in Branson!!!!!!
Last visited in April 2017


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed April 3, 2017
Clay Cooper is warm, welcoming, hilarious, talented, family centered, faith filled, and hard working. His show was so professionally done. We were thoroughly entertained and laughed so much(good, clean fun)! In our opinion, he sings better than any famous country singer!!!!! Why hasn't he been spotted? So much talent within his family and entire cast! Thank you! ??????
Last visited in March 2017

"Best Show in Branson"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed November 22, 2016
We've seen Clay's show on every trip to Branson. We love him and his wife Tina so much we came to their show in Sept. and again in Nov. We've sent several people to see this show and everyone else loved it also. Clay is one of those special people who makes everyone feel so welcome, you would think he knew you personally and was entertaining you in in his living room.
Last visited in November 2016
Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed October 25, 2016
One of the best shows I've ever seen, loved it!!! Talent of all the performers was top notch. Would see it again and again. Clay could sing the phonebook and it would be awesome. The comedy was great also, something for everyone to enjoy. Clay gets my vote for best singer in Branson.
Last visited in October 2016

"Great, Fujn, Show"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed October 1, 2016
Clay Cooper has an unusual talent. He can converse with anybody about anything, and could easily make a living by doing stand up comic routines.... He can converse with the audience, and get a giggle out of just about anything they say. His show is wonderful, full of talent in every department, and is a MUST SEE while there.
Last visited in September 2016

"Clay Cooper"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed September 28, 2016
While in Branson, we saw several shows and enjoyed all of them, however, there were some that stood out. One of those was the Clay Cooper Show. He is an extremely talented and funny man and included the audience in his entire show, speaking to us as if he knew each of us personally. His show was lively and entertaining with special honor given to our great God and an extraordinary salute to our great country and our veterans. I wish ALL shows presented the flag with audience recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. The other shows don't even have the flag displayed or presented, and that is what's missing in all the other shows. God bless Clay Cooper for this very patriotic and much-needed tribute and recognition!
Last visited in September 2016

"Clay Cooper"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed April 25, 2016
Have seen Clay twice. Once with a military group. The show was outstanding and Clay took the time after the show to visit our bus and said some nice things about the military. Second time was last year and my wife went with some friends went with some friends. The show was outstanding. We are planning a return this year(2016)
Last visited in October 2015

"Great Show"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed August 28, 2015
We have been going to see Clay for many years, even in his old Theater. He always has a GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to being there again in 2 weeks. To me the BEST SHOW in town hands down. High- energy variety show. You will not be disappointed.
Last visited in August 2014

"Love this show"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed June 17, 2015
High energy - super funny and is now on my must see whenever in Branson. So talented and family friendly.

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  Located at 3216 W 76 Country Blvd in Branson, MO 65616

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