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The Baldknobbers aren’t just a staple in a long list of great shows, it’s the show that put live entertainment on the Branson map! Borrowing their name from the group of vigilante lawmen who ran rampant in the Ozarks during the late 1800’s, these incredible entertainers are always refreshing the show’s music and comedy from year to year.  Delivering a high energy performance night after night, the cast includes second and third generations of the family that “started it all” back in 1959.  It’s always been about country music for the Baldknobbers, but they make sure to include contemporary hits, as well as the always popular classic country, on their playlist.  With a musical style that followed in the footsteps of the famous Ozark Jubilee, a popular program broadcast to a national audience from Springfield, Missouri, the Mabe brothers started their musical careers near the downtown lakefront.  They played to happy audiences in an old building that housed a variety of things over the years, but soon outgrew the limited space and followed the Presleys, Branson’s other founding family of entertainment, to Highway 76.  These shows started what would soon become the world famous Strip, filled with live entertainment, attractions, shopping, and dining.

The Mabe family’s passion continues to shine through with each and every Baldknobber's performance!  The everyday Tim Mabe evaporates as he assumes his alter ego, Droopy Drawer’s Jr.  His wife, Patty, who comes from a family of entertainers, holds on court on stage as an exceptional vocalist. Brandon - Tim's son, Megan - Brandon's wife, and Brent round out the roster of Mabes in the show.  The family is joined on stage by several fabulous musicians, comedians, and vocalists.  Fiddle player, Mike Ito, has been with the show for more than three decades, and Bob Leftridge, also a long-time cast member, helps with everything from vocals to playing straight man in the hillbilly humor parts of the show.  The Baldknobbers are so incredibly iconic, their original costumes, instruments, and other artifacts can be found on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History!

Helpful Hints

  • The Baldknobbers perform from March through December (daily except Sunday.)
  • A professional video of each performance is available immediately after the show.
  • Gifts, souvenirs, and cast CDs are available for purchase.
  • The Baldknobbers' pre-show starts at 7:15 PM.
  • Concessions are available in the theater's lobby.
  • The theater offers convenient parking for motorcoaches.
  • Special seating is available for the disabled.

Additional Information

  • The Baldknobbers perform at The Baldknobbers Theater.
  • The Theater is located at 2835 West Highway 76.
  • This family-friendly show features country and gospel music, as well as dancing and comedy,.

There’s much that can be said about the contemporary and timeless country music you’ll hear, about the hilarious hijinks you’ll enjoy, as well as the high energy, high-tech production of this long-running show, but nothing beats experiencing it live on stage in Branson. So make plans now to see why the show that started it all is still packing them in...make plans now to become the next faithful fan of the legendary Baldknobbers!

Christmas Show

Branson’s first show, The Baldknobbers, puts on its holiday best and delivers a Christmas Show to beat all!  You’ll be treated to the regular season Baldknobbers Jamboree during the first half of the show, and then be transported to a holiday wonderland for the second.  The music, dancing, comedy, and all around happiness you’ve come to love about the Baldknobbers comes dressed in the colors and sounds of a very merry Christmas! Come spend a little time in the Ozarks at a happy holidays celebration that’ll make you feel right at home - the Branson's Famous Baldknobbers Christmas!

Adult (12+): $33.99 $31.88
Child (11 & Under): $15.99

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1 reviews

"Still our favorite after all these years! Incredibly funny."

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed July 29, 2015
We have been enjoying the Mabe family perform in Branson for many years. My dad first introduced us to the BAldknobbers. We are from Iowa and make a trip to Branson every year. I would implore anyone visiting Branson to se the Baldknobbers. They are so talented. The comedy is very clean and funny. We usually see them once per year. They recently had a tv show called Branson Famous. It was a lot of fun to watch and I hope the have another season. We will be back!!
Last visited in May 2015

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  Located at 2835 W 76 Country Blvd in Branson, MO 65616

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