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In Branson MO, We’re Doin’ It Up Duttons Style!

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In Branson MO, We’re Doin’ It Up Duttons Style!

Family shows abound in America’s capital of live entertainment, and by family shows, we mean those where pretty much everyone on stage is “family!”  This is certainly true for the long-running, popular show, The Duttons, where three generations deliver a remarkable performance night after night. Dad and mom Dutton, Dean and Sheila, introduced music into the family home as way to instill structure and discipline into their kids’ lives. Little did they know that the music they used as a life skills teaching tool would become a lifetime passion, as well as a lifelong career for the entire family.  During the winter months, the Duttons temporarily relocate to Mesa, Arizona to perform in their other theater, but with the exception of an occasional tour, this musical family makes their home in Branson, where happy audiences delight in high energy entertainment filled with musical variety, dance, and laughter!

Now that you’ve been introduced to the family’s show, we want you to meet the talented and hard-working offspring and offspring truly grasp how entrenched in music and entertaining this family is, and how much being “family” means to them, we’re taking a rare detour into an introduction of the whole gang!

First up, Tim and Judith - the multi-talented Tim can play the classical and electric guitar, cello, electric bass, violin, mandolin, viola, and more, and takes care of the sound recording for the show.  Judith plays piano, sings, and manages the theater. Their children - Jessica, Rachel, and Timmy - also appear onstage with the family. The Duttons’ son, Jon, is the theater’s technical director, plays banjo, guitar, mandolin, and other instruments, and provides much of the show’s comic relief.  Wife, Bella, a former Polynesian dancer from the islands of Samoa, helps with narration during the show, and handles accounting duties, as well as manages the Dutton Inn with Jon. Their children Natalia, Selena, Leila, and Nathanael all take part in the show. Dutton daughter, Amy, directs the show and plays lead violin, while sons Gabriel, Julian, and Damian sing and dance, much to the delight of their fourth son, Josiah, who is recovering from leukemia.  Amy’s husband, Rudy, has a successful law practice, and served as the show’s lighting director while he pursued his education.

Son, Ben, and his wife, Brande, along with their children Ben Jr., Issac, Christian, and Luke were part of Dutton Productions, but have since moved on to a business venture with a cousin.  Dutton daughter, Abigail, mostly plays banjo and violin, and adds her dancing and tap-dancing talents to the show, as well as choreography services and vocals. She also manages theater concessions, and a related shop with the adorable moniker of “Abby’s Tourist Trap.”  Her four youngsters, Grace, Seth, Orson, and Marcus enjoy being part of the show, as well as helping with a myriad of tasks around the theater. Abby’s husband, Adam, is a Dutton-in-law who’s not in the show; he’s a fitness trainer and sports nutritionist with the Boy Scouts of America.

Dutton daughter, Jenny, used her master’s degree in violin to the benefit of the family’s performances, but has since become the Chief Technology & Operations Office for a financial planning company.  Her business pursuits; however, don’t keep Jenny from paying occasional visits to the show, handling violin and banjo duties, as well as sharing her stunning soprano voice with the audience. Last, but certainly not least, Joshua Dutton maintains a “charter membership” with the family’s music show.  The youngest of the brilliant brood, he can play harmonica, violin, and drums, while also managing the family’s Branson hotel. He’s since returned to school and earned a degree in computer science and works as a programming engineer who makes educational cell phone apps. He hasn’t strayed far from music; however, he and wife, Evette, produced an album of original songs - they have four kids of their own, Joshua, Elena, Lilah, and Emma.

Normally, we wouldn’t take up this much copy talking about an entire family, but there’s something truly special about The Duttons, and knowing the family is understanding the phenomenally talented performance you’ll be blessed to witness every time they take the Branson stage!  Former “America’s Got Talent” judge, Sharon Osbourne, knows what we’re talking about - she was completely charmed by both their family togetherness and their undeniable talent!

Now that you we’ve made you feel like an honorary member of the family, aren’t you just chomping at the bit to see them perform?  Give us a call at 877-688-3179 and we’ll get your seats saved!