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The Trail of Lights is a Trail-full of Christmas Wonder!

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The Trail of Lights is a Trail-full of Christmas Wonder!

Shepherd of the Hills Shares the Happy and the Holy of the Holiday in this Annual Display!

Branson, Missouri is famous for Christmas -- not settling for a simple week or two, the capital of live entertainment does the year’s favorite holiday up big-time with a fabulous celebration that spans two whole months!  Beginning as early as November 1, Branson is blazing with lights, heavily dotted with beautiful Christmas trees, and boasting two incredible drive-through light displays.  But, there’s only one drive-through that’s home to a wide variety of amazing, animated, three-dimensional, and completely captivating displays that reflect everything from a Victorian holiday to patriotic Christmas scenes...that drive-through is known as the Trail of Lights, located at the one-and-only, historic Shepherd of the Hills Homestead!  

Before there was an Andy Williams Moon River Theatre...before Branson played host to a plethora of zipline experiences...and before Branson relocated the huge Navy Pier Ferris Wheel from Chicago, now holding court on the world-famous Strip, there was the Shepherd of the Hills. This historic “homestead” commemorates the best-selling novel of the same name, written by Harold Bell Wright, and based on his enchantment with the Ozarks and its people more than a hundred years ago.  In addition to being a celebrated author, Mr. Wright was a preacher, and Branson and the Ozarks have always been home to people of faith, so adding a celebration of Christmas in the form of a winding trail of wonderment made perfect sense!  From November 1 through December 31, the Trail of Lights thoroughly entertains thousands of kids from three to a hundred-and-three, with amazingly detailed settings adorned with life-size characters in houses, shops, chapels, and other bedazzled structures that allow guests to peer inside at the holiday activity taking place.  Many of the “sets” include animatronic figures, another unique-to-Branson feature of the Trail.  

The Trail of Lights at Branson’s Shepherd of the Hills has an impressive selection of displays - you’ll discover the expected, like a nativity scene, and the unexpected, like a flying saucer with its little green passengers making a pit stop at the North Pole!  You’ll see settings that reflect the Christmas culture of different countries, different eras, and a variety of people and animals, all set to music.  Toy soldiers, Santas, elves, elephants, alligators...the variety is sensational!  And, if a fascinating drive along the Trail of Lights, that happens to follow an original Ozarks trail that’s “nobody knows how old,” isn’t enough magical merriment for you, a ticket for the drive-through includes a visit to the holiday-bedazzled Inspiration Tower!  

If you’ve never ventured beyond the heavily populated area of Highway 76, Shepherd of the Hills Homestead is located just a hop, skip, and a jump beyond the Butterfly Palace and the Ruth & Paul Henning Conservation Area.  The address is 5586 West Highway 76; it’s before you get to the turn-off to Silver Dollar City and Indian Point.  The Trail of Lights is open every day beginning at dusk, and since you’ll be driving your own vehicle through, you’ll be in control of the time you spend, so make sure you save a little of that time to shop for Christmas gifts at Shepherd of the Hills!

There’s nothing quite like Christmas in Branson, and nothing in Branson quite like the glorious presentation of holiday happiness that is the Trail of Lights!