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Exclusive Backstage Interview with The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

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Exclusive Backstage Interview with The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai (located at 645 MO-165, Branson, Missouri) has been dazzling audiences in Branson for over a decade, with the talented cast balancing, flipping, and jumping their way to an awesome aerial display seven days a week through December. got an exclusive interview with KK, an engaging and charismatic 25 year-old who performs the Rolla Bolla. This particular balancing act calls for KK to stand and balance on a board with a round ball directly underneath the board, all the while an assistant throws multiple cups onto his head, which he then amazingly balances!


Q: What role do you perform, and how do you train?

KK: I perform the Rolla Bolla set. I started training at age 8 – this is a very hard act to perform. When I was young I stood on a rolla bolla everyday for three to four hours a day. There are no tricks to the props, and they are real balls that I use in the performances. Getting just the first ball down took hundreds of hours!

Q: How did you get cast in the show?

KK: This is actually my first professional performance show! When I was young I performed with other groups, but this is a really fun experience!

Q: What’s your favorite part of the show?

KK: Mine, of course! I really enjoy performing the Rolla Bolla and get a big rush from the experience!

Q: How would you describe the show for some who’s never seen it?

KK: I would say that you are going to see performances and amazing feats from supermen and superwomen! It is a very fun show for the audience.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do in Branson?

KK: I like to go shopping, there’s so many places in Branson to shop! Particularly I enjoy shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall – they have lots of options.

Q: What do you call your performance and how do you mentally and physically prepare for each show?

KK: I make sure to check the props that they are all in excellent working condition, and then I take a break before the show. Just basic training and preparation, nothing too much. My particular act needs a certain mental calmness and a good break.

Q: How is Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai different than other acrobatic shows in town?

KK: I have a performance that nobody else has in town! The things that we do, nobody in the future will probably even try some of these things that we are doing! I can assure you it is a very difficult performance.

Q: Who would you say is the ham of the cast? Who begs for the attention?