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Samson Lifts Branson, Missouri to New Entertainment Heights!

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Samson Lifts Branson, Missouri to New Entertainment Heights!

There’s nothing quite like a Sight & Sound Theatres’ production - every bible story they deliver is beautiful and bigger than life, and this season’s hit show, “Samson,” is proving to be no exception!  First off, you’ve got an incredible tale to be told - long before there was Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the latest hero to dominate Hollywood’s film industry, Black Panther - there was Samson, the original superhero.  But unlike the way in which you usually enjoy the trials and tribulations of a superhero - up on the movie screen, or your television (or maybe on the tiny, tiny screen of your smartphone) - this one is presented to you in the flesh!  With superb acting, stunning costumes and stage sets, an enormous wrap-around stage that puts the audience in the middle of the action, and the vivid colors and brilliant pageantry that accompanies a Sight & Sound bible production, witnessing it all unfold is not merely another “show” to see, it’s a live entertainment experience of epic proportions!

For everyone who’s familiar with Samson, and even those who may not be, this production is faithful to the story...Samson’s devastating fall from grace and his inspirational journey to redemption.  He may have been blessed by God with a superhuman strength, but that phenomenal power isn’t guaranteed; just like it is with every one of life’s biggest blessings, there are rules to be followed, or Samson’s stunning strength could be lost to him forever.  And just like your youngsters know about their favorite comic book superheroes, it seems inevitable that temptation becomes too strong and, in his case, Samson yields to that temptation...the superhuman strength, along with his precious eyesight, are gone. It’s nothing short of magical and awe-inspiring as the audience witnesses his rise to the unfathomable challenge put before him.  
We highly recommend that you be in the audience and take this superhero’s amazing journey with him as he battles the Philistines, and his own personal calling, in this inspiring, memorable story that brings the house down...literally! World-class actors, state-of-the-art special effects, gorgeous costumes and stage sets, and as always in a Sight & Sound production, lots of lovingly cared-for animals, all come together to delight the senses, inspire the soul, and thoroughly entertain!  For great seats to see Samson, one of Branson’s most brilliant productions, give us a call at 877-688-3179 as soon as possible, performances sell out quickly!