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Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Show Review

by  |  Shows & Entertainment, Editorial Reviews
Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Show Review

Unbelievable feats of strength appear early and often in Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai – you will be astonished at what these seemingly small, yet athletic body types can accomplish before your very eyes! Dragons appear everywhere you look, and the significance of the color red is a prevalent theme. Unlike Western culture, dragons actually are a benevolent sign to the Chinese – a symbol for prosperity and strength. Red symbolizes fortune and good luck to the Chinese, and the writing team at Save On Branson was lucky enough to witness the magic on stage for Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai!

You’re constantly left wondering what’s coming next throughout the show – you’re constantly asking yourself, “What are they doing? Don’t fall!” as the excitement and tension builds during high-risk acts. Have you ever seen a handstand on another standing man’s head? The balance these performers have is incredible, and took their entire lives of preparation and conditioning to achieve. These stars of the stage have all been performing and training since a very young age, apparent in the ease of pulling off each and every maneuver. They bend and twist their bodies in awkward positions that we just don’t see in American performers – American bodies are usually too filled-out for these acrobatic feats. Simply stated, the limberness of both the male and female performers alike are not seen any other show in Branson – this is a one-of-a-kind performance!

One of the most memorable acts of the show has the performers balancing one chair onto another at a 60-degree angle, and then one-by-one climb the chairs and onto each other. By the end, the visual display is stunning, especially with the knowledge that any one object or body improperly placed or balanced can cause the whole thing to come crashing down! But they pull it off with ease, the same easiness of riding a bicycle for us “normals”. A 25 year-old charismatic artist named KK performs an act called “Rolla Bolla, in which he stands and balances on a board with a round ball directly underneath the board, all the while an assistant throws multiple cups onto his head, which he then amazingly balances! These are just a few of the highlights of the show, with much more action that you have to see for yourself!

The theatre’s lobby includes a concession stand for soda, candy, popcorn, bottled water, and the like. There’s a gift shop that sells hand-crafted jewelry (you can get you or a loved one’s name engraved on a stone), DVDs of Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai performances, and more. Check out the authentic ancient warrior statue found in the grave of a noble ruler deep within the earth (history enthusiasts love to see this!) The Asian-style lights that dot the sides of the theatre puff out like blue hot-air balloons, while Chinese music sets the ambience and gives you a feeling like you’re peeking in through the Great Wall of China – something majestic you haven’t seen before and can’t find anywhere else in the world. The background music cues you in on how to feel, showing a yin/yang of soft/loud tones that often builds to a crescendo at the apex of an act. The seats inside the spacious theatre are all cushioned and comfy, and include cup holders for your beverages. It’s a real enjoyable theatre to watch a fun, energetic show.

Print just doesn’t do this show justice; you have to see these acrobats in person! Audience member Ben Mitchell, 69 years old from Columbia, MO loved the show: “I saw this show before, and it’s just as good, if not better! They do all these flips through hoops, and then the motorcycle ball – the whole time I kept thinking they were about to crash!” Mr. Mitchell is referring to an act previously made famous by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth – a mammoth steel ball that encases one, two, and then three motor bikes circling each other in a daring, scary, and mind-boggling display that leaves you wondering “How did they do that?!”

Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai can be seen at their own theatre, the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Performing Arts Theatre (645 MO-165) seven days a week, often multiple times per day, all the way through the end of December. Tickets for the show can be purchased at, or by calling 877-688-3179.