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IMAX Films: Ozarks Legacy & Legend

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Ozarks Legacy & Legend is an exclusive feature film in Branson, one that gives audiences an authentic look at the struggles and triumphs of the resilient hill people who sparsely populated the mountain region long before Branson landed on the live entertainment tourism map.  The film depicts the story of the McFarlain family over the course of more than a hundred years, beginning in the 1820s through to the 1950s, the decade when Table Rock Dam, a pretty cave, and a couple of feisty family country music shows - the Presleys and the Baldknobbers - brought renewed attention to an area once made famous by another genuine Ozarks story - The Shepherd of the Hills.  Fans of history who’ve seen the Shepherd play or movie, or read the book, and have seen Ozarks Legacy & Legend, have noticed the similarities - both include honest-to-goodness history, engage in some dramatic enhancements to help keep you riveted to your seat, and ultimately leave you feeling like there’s so much more to the Branson story than bright lights, lots of music, and gorgeous scenery.  And there’s only one way to become engaged in the story told by Ozarks Legacy & Legend, and that’s by reserving a seat in front of the humongous IMAX screen for a viewing of the longest running movie it shows!

When it comes to movie venues, it’s hard to live up to the example set by IMAX - a screen of gargantuan proportions, a state-of-the-art surround sound system that’ll blow your mind, and proprietary technology that projects an image with stunning color, maximum resolution and sharpness, and an unparalleled brightness that just might ruin you for any other movie theater experience!  The IMAX venue also houses several retail shops, a multi-screen feature film theater, an intimate live show venue - Little Opry Theatre - and good home-cookin’ style dining at McFarlain’s Restaurant - yep, that’s where they got the name for this delightful eatery, from the family featured in Ozarks Legacy & Legend!

Additional Information/Helpful Hints

  • Ozarks Legacy & Legend can be seen at the IMAX Entertainment Complex on the giant IMAX screen.
  • IMAX is located at 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.
  • The film runs approximately one hour, and can be seen at various dates throughout the year.  (It’s not scheduled during some months, so always check in advance to avoid disappointment!)
  • Showtimes for Ozarks Legacy & Legend are usually in the morning, at either 9:30AM or 10:00AM.
  • The IMAX Complex also houses several retail/gift shops, a concession area, a small live show theatre, a multi-screen movie theatre, and a popular restaurant - McFarlain’s.
  • Ozarks Legacy & Legend is family-friendly and suitable viewing for all ages; however, like many other G-rated movies, children ages ten (10) and older would most likely have a better understanding of the storyline.

History, beautiful scenery, a fascinating tale, and a big-screen venue that brings it all to life in the most stunning way - it’s the film that’s been entertaining Branson guests for nearly 25 years, and it’s still showing on the same IMAX screen where it debuted...Ozarks Legacy & Legend, make it an important part of your next Branson itinerary!

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  Located at 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway in Branson, MO 65616

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