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St. James Winery Premium Wine Tasting Experience

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St. James Winery Premium Wine Tasting Experience - Branson’s most enjoyable way to discover your new favorite wine!  If you haven’t yet sampled the delightful wines of Missouri’s most awarded winery, Branson’s St. James Winery has put together an ideal way to taste six wines of your choosing - a fun and convenient way to determine which one tops your list!  In addition to the Premium Wine Tasting Experience, available at a very reasonable price, the winery offers free wine tastings, giving guests options for tastings that are unique to St. James in Branson.

The St. James Winery Premium Wine Tasting Experience, similar to a 30 to 45 minute wine “class,” features one (1) ounce pours of six wines - special pricing is available for session guests who want to take home a bottle...or three!  Your instructor is a local St. James wine expert who’ll share tips on pairing wine with food, and provide you with a free 16 ounce St. James souvenir wine glass - crackers and chocolate chips are included with each session to enhance your tasting experience.  Best of all, you’ll finish this fascinating and enjoyable experience feeling a whole lot more like the expert you thought it would take years to become!

New to the St. James name?  Maybe a little history would be helpful!  As previously mentioned, it’s Missouri’s most awarded winery, and it’s also the state’s largest. The label was founded in St. James, Missouri in 1970, and it’s still owned and operated by the Hofherr family; they re-established the grapes that made the state famous for wine a century ago, years before Prohibition “stomped” out the wine industry across the country. They used the fruit generated by their successful reintroduction of the beverage in the St. James area to create wines similar to those popular nearly 100 years ago, many of the same wines that continue to be enjoyed today.  As for venturing away from the area where it was founded, only Branson has met the high expectations of the brand for establishing a location outside the city of St. James, making wine lovers travelling to Branson very happy indeed, and creating scores of new fans of their unforgettable wines!

St. James boasts scores of accolades from distinguished wine competitions everywhere, beating out brands from around the world in many categories, and garnering acknowledgements for more than a dozen of its wines.  Even with all the esteemed recognition - the kind of acknowledgements that appeal to connoisseurs - St. James remains very approachable to folks just discovering a taste for wine, especially the delicious fruit wines that are so easy to fall in love with, like the popular Blackberry.  Other Fruit wines include Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, and Peach, Semi-Dry wines include Vignoles, and Friendship Red or White, and the Dry wines include Estate Norton, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pioneer White or Red. These are just a few of the award-winning wines offered; you’ll find many more award-winning wines available at Branson’s St. James Winery, just ask a friendly staff member for a list to take home.  You’ll also discover a pretty courtyard area, complete with patio seating, bocce ball courts, and a relaxing water feature.

Additional Information/Helpful Hints

  • The St. James Winery Premium Wine Tasting Experience is offered at St. James Winery in Branson.

  • The Winery is located at 405 Missouri Highway 165 - just a block off Highway 76 - Highway 165 intersects with 76 where you’ll find the Titanic Museum Attraction, the Tribute Theatre, and a Walgreen’s store on the corners.

  • Each session is approximately thirty (30) to forty-five (45) minutes in length and is conducted by a local St. James wine expert.

  • The Premium Wine Tasting Experience includes one (1) ounce pours of six (6) wines of your choosing, crackers and chocolate chips to enhance your tasting, and a 16 ounce St. James souvenir wine glass.

  • Plenty of free, flat parking spaces are available at the winery, a nice and rare feature in Branson’s hilly landscape!

  • The St. James Winery Premium Wine Tasting Experience is available only to guests 21 years-of-age or older.  (Participants must have a valid driver’s license or equivalent identification.)

  • Free wine tastings are also available, and feature half-ounce (½) pours of your choice of five (5) wines from St. James' standard series.  Crackers and chocolate chips are provided, upon request, to enhance your tasting experience.

Looking for something unique to do in Branson?  Do you love wine, or maybe looking for a more upscale version of a winery taste-testing?  The St. James Winery Premium Wine Tasting Experience has been specially designed just for you!

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  Located at 405 Missouri State Highway 165 in Branson, MO 65616

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