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Shepherd of the Hills - Vigilante Extreme ZipRider

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The Shepherd of the Hills Vigilante Extreme ZipRider is Branson’s most exciting way to enjoy the beautiful Ozarks countryside!  Fast enough to give you the thrilling ride-of-your-life, yet zipping at a pace that allows you to enjoy the gorgeous view from heights of up to 170 feet in the air!  And for anyone leery of all that cumbersome rigging and full body dangling in the air associated with traditional zipline rides, you’ll love the comfy seated position and lack of body rigging you’ll find on the Vigilante.  You’ll still be safe and secure, but you’ll be comfortably seated and able to enjoy the zip trip that much more!  Speeds reach up to an exciting 50mph, and a group of four can all ride together side-by-side with each in their own’s a zipping trip of a race to the bottom!  

The Vigilante Extreme ZipRider was named for the notorious group of men who, in the absence of a sufficient police force in the Ozarks in the 1800s, took the law into their own hands, becoming as feared and lawless as the criminals they banded together to fight. Those infamous vigilantes were known as Baldknobbers for the mountain ‘bald’ where they often gathered.  But make no mistake, the similarities end with the name - the ZipRider is thoroughly maintained and inspected, giving you the safest thrill you can experience while flying through the air without a care in the world!

Your terrific zip trip begins with a glass elevator climb to the climate-controlled indoor observation deck on Shepherd of the Hills’ Inspiration Tower.  When it’s time to climb into your seat, you’ll be awed by the scenic rush that hits you when the gates open!  It takes mere seconds to safely strap you into your seat before you’re quickly flying an amazing half mile across the historic 160-acre Homestead!  When you lift your feet and make a fast-paced landing at the platform, the fine folks of Vigilante Extreme ZipRider will transport you back up the mountain - don’t forget to enjoy the scenic ride back to Inspiration Tower!

Helpful Hints/Additional Information

  • The Vigilante Extreme ZipRider is located at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead & Adventure Park.

  • The Homestead & Adventure Park is located at 5586 West 76 Country Boulevard on the outskirts of Branson, just a couple of miles before you reach Silver Dollar City.

  • The ZipRider is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - seven days a week, from March through August 18.

  • After August 18, the ZipRider will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

  • Your visit to Inspiration Tower is included in your ZipRider ticket.

  • Riders must weigh between 80 and 275 pounds and be at least 52 inches tall, and no more than 80 inches tall, for comfort and safety on the ride.

  • As long as the weight and height requirements are met, there is no minimum or maximum age to ride.

  • The Vigilante Extreme ZipRider launches from a deck on Inspiration Tower that’s 170 feet up in the air.  It reaches speeds up to 50 mph along a cable that’s more than one-half-mile long.

  • The only instructions necessary for each rider is that you lift your feet at the end to make it easier for ZipRider employees to assist you while the ride is braking.

  • Don’t forget to check out the photograph taken of you enjoying the ride; the photo counter is located in the ground level of the tower.

  • There is a gift shop and restrooms in Inspiration Tower.

Just like the dozens of show options in Branson, you’ll discover scores of attractions and several ziplines vying for your attention.  The choice is really simple - choose the only zipline that launches you in a cozy seated position from 170 feet in the air, offers you an unblemished view of the beautiful Ozarks on the way down, and includes a visit to the area’s only 230-foot observation tower - all on the grounds of the historic and legendary Shepherd of the Hills Homestead & Adventure Park.  Yep, that’s an easy choice...that’s the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider!

2 reviews


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed September 27, 2015
You don't know what you Are missing ,definitely recommend ,was the highlight of my vacation,and want to do it again,the view from the tower was amazing you can see for miles and miles,the staff was friendly ,very helpful and knowledgeable. Can't wait to go back
Last visited in August 2015


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed September 27, 2015
This is an awesome experience that will put you on a high that you'll want to experience again and again, maybe on different days. Rode it twice this Branson trip, but definitely want to go again on my next trip to Branson, and i'm already 62 years old!!!
Last visited in August 2015

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  Located at 5586 West 76 Country Boulevard in Branson, MO 65616

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