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Sons of Britches

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5 Stars
Based on 4 reviews

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The Sons of Britches show, evidence that even an SOB can be a happy thing in Branson!  You’re really gonna love these guys!  Who wouldn’t adore a couple of dashing fellas all dressed up with someplace to go; that someplace being the Branson stage, and ‘all dressed up’ meaning their very best overalls over some fancy tuxedo shirts with the requisite black bow tie - it’s a real vision, ain’t it? These guys are a hoot!  They play an eclectic combination of music genres that includes Cajun, rhythm & blues, rock ‘n’ roll, country, bluegrass, and’re gonna hear everything but classical and the kitchen sink!  

These two good buddies, Earl (Melvin) Vaughan “don’t know anything & don’t suspect anything” and  Louis (Squirrel Dog) Darby “gee, it’s dark in here! It gets late early,” are seriously good musicians, they just like to take a few liberties with some of your favorite songs!

Helpful Hints/Additional Information

  • The Sons of Britches perform in the Little Opry Theatre in the IMAX Entertainment Complex.
  • The IMAX Complex is located at 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.
  • You can see the Sons of Britches February through December (except July,) at 2:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday (Saturday only in February,) 5:00 p.m. on most Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m. on most Thursdays and Fridays, and at 8:00 p.m. on most Sundays and Mondays.
  • There is a concession area, several retail shops, and a full-service restaurant in the Complex.
  • The Little Opry Theatre has special seating available for the disabled.  
  • Non-flash, still photography is permitted during the show.
  • Overalls with tuxedo shirts and bow ties are not required attire for guests attending the that makes you happy!

Branson’s chockful of tribute shows; Melvin and Squirrel Dog think you’ll love this sincere tribute to themselves!  For a barrel of laughs and some seriously excellent music, invite a little SOB into your life - Sons of Britches, that is, and they’re only in Branson...come on in and sit a spell!


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4 reviews
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"Great show"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed March 29, 2019
Seen this show 4 times and have really enjoyed everyone of them. They are hilarious and very talented. Love these guys!
Last visited in March 2019

"Entertaining "

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed April 27, 2017
It's a must see show. Those three fellows are SO talented. Being able to play all those requested songs. The show is different every time. Thanks guys. It's a very intimant theater. They interact with the audience before during and after the show. I love the bibs and now ties.
Last visited in April 2017

"Raw talent"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed March 7, 2017
Saw the show for the first time in spring of 16. Great,entertaining and hilarious. No smoke or mirrors ,just raw talent. Been to it several times. No two shows are ever alike. Second half all audience requests. No intermission , 90 minute show. Keep it up guys. This MN gal loves it
Last visited in September 2016
Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 15, 2015
Every time I see this show, I'm amazed at how these guys can pull up songs and singers from the past. They say "from The Beatles to Buck Owens" and they mean it! Old country, old rock, cajun, bluegrass, cowboy! It really takes you back! And they're all so talented! Great harmonies too and they have such a good time doing it! Absolutely professional! No special effects or sequins, but that would distract from this really great show! You won't be disappointed! They're only in the beginning of their second year, but they're so comfortable together and have such great up beat energy...they're clearly friends, and make friends with the audience too.

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  Located at 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway in Branson, MO 65616

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All I can say is "Wow!" You guys delivered as promised! Jonah amazed me. The Haygoods were certainly full of energy and so humble and talented. Those two were my favorites, but everything was really good. Shoji did have some nice bathrooms. Thanks for the tip!
Diane C.
Memphis, Tennessee