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George Jones and Friends: Keeping Country Alive

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George Jones and Friends: Keeping Country Alive is a brilliant Branson tribute to country music royalty!  To honor the country superstar, George Geisser steps away from his popular role playing fiddle and steel guitar for The Re-Cliners, the amazing band behind C.J. Newsom in her Branson show, Classic Country’s Patsy Cline & Friends.  It’s his first time headlining a major Branson show, and he’s already winning over fans of the country music legend with his spot-on vocals and his sincere reverence for the man and his music.  

It’s not easy to pay tribute to a star that shined as brightly as the late and much beloved George Jones, he was truly larger-than-life, earning accolades and awards throughout his career, including seven awards from the Country Music Association and five from the Academy of Country Music.  He was also blessed with two Grammy Awards and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and had two songs - “He Stopped Loving Her Today” and “She Thinks I Still Care” - in the Grammy Hall of Fame.  And he received the rare and treasured acknowledgement for his work from the Kennedy Center Honors.  

In addition to the songs for which Jones received awards, Geisser performs several of his hits, including “The Race is On” and “I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair.”  Although George Geisser could fill his show with the enormous George Jones catalog, he changes it up a bit just to keep things interesting by sharing the music of other country legends, including Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Randy Travis, and George Jones' frequent duet partner, Tammy Wynette.

Helpful Hints/Additional Information

  • George Jones and Friends: Keeping Country Alive can be seen in the Little Opry Theatre or Elite Theatre in the IMAX Entertainment Complex.
  • The Complex is located at 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.
  • The show runs from March through December.
  • The 9:30 a.m. show performs in the Elite Theatre, with 5:00 p.m. performances inside the Little Opry Theatre.
  • The Little Opry Theatre has special seating available for the disabled.
  • There is a concession area, several shops, and a full-service restaurant in the IMAX Entertainment Complex.
  • George Jones and Friends: Keeping Country Alive is family-friendly and suitable for all ages.
  • Several other great shows appear at the Little Opry Theatre:  Sanders Family Christmas, Petersen Family Bluegrass Band, Glen Campbell Songbook, Smoke on the Mountain, A Tribute to John Denver, Hank Williams Revisited, Sons of Britches, George Strait Country, and new shows, Neil Diamond Gold and Rick's McEwen's Big Show.

For an incredible Branson show filled to the brim with hits from a collection of country legends, including the ultimate country music icon, get ready for the can’t miss show - George Jones and Friends: Keeping Country Alive!

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3 reviews
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"Great show!"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed February 1, 2020
Very intimate theater and passionate performance. George Greisser's knowledge of country music knows no bounds and his vocal and instrumental skill sets are superb! Hillary's vocals and Forest's vocals and guitar playing accompanying George were also exceptional! Great performance that shouldn't be missed while enjoying your stay in Branson!
Last visited in February 2020

"Needs to stop being political"

Rating of 3 stars  Reviewed May 25, 2019
We recently attended his show he is talented, but maybe stop being political.I believe George was commenting about Merle Haggard being the first person to leave the jail house and go to the white house.He then commented something to the fact that he "wished the person in the white house would go to the jail house". Just a suggestion, we were sort of offended, and there could be others that may be also.Maybe you should reconsider these comments. Just a thought!
Last visited in May 2019

"George Jones Sound Alike!"

Rating of 4 stars  Reviewed September 28, 2015
George Geisser is a talented performer who sounds a lot like George Jones. He is quite at ease when performing but a bit uneasy when just talking. During the show you will also hear hits from other country greats, such as Willie Nelson, Randy Travis, and Waylon Jennings, All is all, if you are a George Jones fan I would highly recommend this show!!
Last visited in September 2015

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  Located at 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway in Branson, MO 65616

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