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The Music Factory

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5 Stars
Based on 32 reviews

The Music Factory brings to Branson a show packed with more music than you’d ever expect from just two guys on stage!  The inspired vocals of singer, Josh Leggett, are backed by Rick Silanskas, who delivers all the music with a special keyboard system, one that produces the sound of everything from a 12-string guitar to a 70-piece orchestra. You’ll hear an incredible variety of songs that were hits for a long list of some of music’s biggest names, including John Legend, Billy Joel, Sting, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, Queen, Toto, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, Tom Petty, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, The Eagles, Kansas, Chicago, and too many more to mention!  

Leggett boasts an impressive resume of performances throughout his career, and Silanskas is known for his work with independent films, including his personal story about adopting a Russian orphan.  Silanskas not only plays the unique and proprietary keyboard in The Music Factory, he designed it!

Additional Information/Helpful Hints

  • The Music Factory appears at the Americana Theatre.
  • The theatre is located at 2905 West Highway 76.
  • The 7:30PM show schedule begins March 12 and runs through December 22 with performances on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  The 10:00AM shows will be on Tuesday, from March 13 through December 18.  There is one 2:00PM show on Tuesday, May 1.
  • The Americana Theatre has a concession area, gift shop, and plenty of flat parking spaces.
  • Performances by The Music Factory will be family-friendly and suitable for all ages.

Branson’s entertainment scene changes every year, with new shows bringing fun new experiences for music lovers - The Music Factory is no exception!  Discover the new ‘duo’ concept created by Rick Silanskas and Josh Leggett in the show that’s filled with all your favorite songs - The Music Factory!

This show is currently unavailable.
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32 reviews
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"Gotta catch this show!!!!"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed July 17, 2018
My husband and I wanted to bring the kids to something new and different, we didn’t expect a show like this. We have been to just about every new show in Branson, I can’t believe the amount of energy and holy moly the set of pipes on Josh the lead singer was insane not sure how they can even afford him he was better than anyone star on the Voice! The guy playing the pianos was super talented and did some pretty awesome Music from Disney that my kids loved! If you are in Branson don’t leave till you catch this show!
Last visited in July 2018


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed June 15, 2018
We had heard good things about The Music Factory from friends and decided to stop at the Americana Theatre to check on show times and tickets. When we got to the box office, the lady at the desk told us "not to waste our money" and tried to sell us another show. We were not pleased and told her we would think about it and we left. When we got back to our hotel we found your website and read the reviews about the show and purchased the tickets. All we can say is Thank You! It was by far the best show we have seen in Branson for quite some time. We have no idea why the theatre operator tried to keep us from seeing one of their own shows. But we are so happy we did not listen. We have never been more entertained and it was one of our few standing ovations. Thank you Save On Branson!
Last visited in June 2018


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 25, 2018
After you see a bunch of shows in Branson you sometimes get a bit worn out. Then this happens. The Music Factory lit our fire again for music in this town. The most amazing and crazy show we have ever attended. It was our first time ever to the Americana Theatre and honestly we only went because of a lady who was at Walgreens we heard talking about it the night before. This show is a winner. A Big winner for Branson. We have visited here twice per year for a lot of years and this show is like new life for this town. Really really entertaining but most of all Great music that is unlike anything we have heard. It baffles me how the man playing the electrinic keyboards can make the room sound like a gigantic orchestra and even a rock and roll band but he did it and did it BIG! The other part of this team is that incredible singer. he is not human!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, dont miss this one!
Last visited in May 2018


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 25, 2018
Gotta just say we got our moneys worth and then some. Had not a thought of what this show was going to be like. My head is still spinning. For sure the best new show ever in this town. So much music coming out of 2 people on that stage. More music than almost anyshow we have seen in Branson and all LIVE! How in the world they did it I have not a thought but it was huge and we loved it. We agree that it is the best show in years. See for yourself!
Last visited in May 2018


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 24, 2018
This may be a new horizon for Branson!! Caught The Music Factory show this week and all I can say is WOW! This is what Branson has needed for a long time. Top of the barrel. What makes this show great is how 2 musicians are able to give the audience the feeling they have attended a HUGE CONCERT!. I have never seen a keyboard player do what this man did not have I heard a voice like Josh Leggett. This show should be a MUST SEE on anyones list visiting Branson. Period!
Last visited in May 2018


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 23, 2018
Back again from Little Rock! Branson is our second home and we come to see shows. Sometimes 3 a day. The Music Factory just went to the pinnacle of the best shows we have seen here. Read about them on line and had to see it for ourselves. Did not have any idea what this show was going to be like. It was definitively and for sure the best we have seen in Branson over the past 10 years. It only features two performers but don't ;et that fool you. One of the, plays some kind of crazy keyboards that filled that theatre like an orchestra that was live in the room. The other younger man gave a new definition to world class vocalist. The songs were a refreshing change from the same old things we hear over and over and the presentation was wonderful. Most of all these are two of the most entertaining performers we have ever seen. We are going back for more. Sorry to write so much!!!
Last visited in May 2018


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 23, 2018
My husband and I had been reading about this new show The Music Factory before we arrived and checked it out Monday night. Had never been to The Americana Theatre before and all we can say is.......FANTASTIC! The music that comes out of two performers is bigger than most of the shows we have seen in Branson over the years. It is crazy how they make so much music with such quality of performance. They are some of the best we have ever seen and loved every moment!!
Last visited in May 2018


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 23, 2018
Every member of our family LOVED this show. Two of the most entertaining and talented people we have ever seen. Made a last minute decision to see The Music Factory and had no idea how incredible this show really was. The man playing the keyboards was beyond amazing making so much music. The young man named Josh must be the best voice in Branson or anywhere as far as we are concerned. We could have stayed for another 2 hours!
Last visited in May 2018


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 20, 2018
Over the past years we have visited Branson approx 68 times. I guess we are BRANSON family by now. And during these years I don’t think we wrote a review more than 3 times. We really have to be impressed to write anything. The Music Factory got our attention. These are 2 of the finest entertainers we have EVER SEEN IN BRANSON. With a show that must be seen to be believed. Why did it take so long for a show like this to come to Branson. Every song and every word spoken in this show is perfect! They blew our minds!
Last visited in May 2018


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 20, 2018
I just read through every review and it end everybody else beat me to it. Best Show in Years for Branson. Period!!!!! This is what we waited for. The Music Factory is world class stuff and unlike anything we have ever seen in Branson. Magnificent music from those keyboards and WOW CAN THAT KID SING!! Hardly ever give standing ovations here but surely did for this show!
Last visited in May 2018

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