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Branson MO - Your Guide to Saving Money in Your Favorite Destination!

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Branson MO - Your Guide to Saving Money in Your Favorite Destination!

6 Little Ways to Save Big Money!

Branson is famous for being an affordable destination, but that doesn’t keep you from wanting to stretch your vacation dollars as far as possible, and we’re here to give you ideas on how to do just that!  This isn’t about free stuff to do; for more information on that topic, look here: “Branson Fun for FREE - 20 No-Cost Things To Do!,” we’re talking about ways to trim costs without cutting back on fun. But make sure you don’t plan an entire visit around pinching every penny - let loose a little and use some of the money you save to splurge on something you really, really catching one of Branson’s big-name, one-night-only concerts...buying that pretty necklace at Tanger...getting your sweetie that fishing pole at Branson Landing’s Bass Pro Shops...or maybe to go for those VIP tickets at your favorite show - we could go on and on, but you get the idea - save a lot here, spend a little more there, and create incredible memories of your Branson visit that you’ll cherish forever!  (Note: Whether you fly in or come by car, it’s helpful to have information on transportation - take a peek at this: “Branson MO Transportation - Get to Branson and Get Around While You’re Here!”)

Here are six suggestions for saving money during your Branson visit:

1. Check out new or “small venue” shows:  It only makes sense that not every show will have the same ticket price - big, long-running shows that routinely host hundreds of people for every performance can, deservedly, command a higher ticket price than a show entertaining in a more moderate venue.  Make sure you don’t miss out on Branson’s most popular shows; this is the type of live entertainment that put Branson on the map after all, but also pick a show or two at a venue like the Hot Hits Theatre in Historic Downtown Branson, or maybe the Tribute Theatre on The Strip, and some newer shows will offer promotional rates to build up a loyal fan base - there’s not always a huge gap in ticket prices, but saving $5 here and there can really add up!

2. Pick a dinner show:  Get your live entertainment fix and your meal for one price!  You want to see a good show, and you have to eat, so check out the Branson shows that give you both, like Dolly Parton’s Stampede, Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Show, Comedy Hypnosis Dinner Show, or the Showboat Branson Belle for lunch or dinner - great food, lots of fun and excitement, and one ticket price - perfect!

3. Visit during the Winter season:  Every season in Branson is wonderful and worth a visit, but planning for a visit during a more “relaxing” season is such a simple way to save money.  Pick one of the seasons when visitation isn’t as high, like during the first three months of the year, or the “Winter” season. The weather is typically mild, and there are plenty of shows, attractions, restaurants, and shopping venues that maintain a year-round schedule. You’re more likely to pay less for your hotel room, condo, or cabin, stores are running after-Christmas sales (some throughout January,) many restaurants offer specials, and even some shows and attractions will have seasonal deals.

4. Shop ticket centers:  You’d be surprised at how easy it is to shave several dollars off the price of a show ticket, or even get FREE tickets, at one of Branson’s ticket centers.  (NOTE: Just look for a ticket center that has a bullseye for some of Branson’s best deals!) Check them out and see what deals they have - you could save a lot of money on show tickets, or even see a fabulous show for absolutely no cost!

5. Enjoy a Branson buffet:  With a wide variety of buffets spread all over the Branson area, it’ll be easy to find one near your hotel or on your way to anywhere!  There are two familiar pizza places with buffets, Cicis and Pizza Ranch, as well as the locally-based, and very popular, Papa Grand’s Pizza in the Grand Country Resort.  Another name familiar to many is Golden Corral; however, hordes of guests and locals will tell you that Branson has the best Golden Corral in the chain! An incredible local buffet can also be found at Grand Country Resort - the Grand Country Buffet, and local buffets serving a variety of Asian-style cuisine can also be found.  Another related tip on saving money...take advantage of the free breakfast, usually set up buffet style, right there in your hotel. Probably 85% of the lodging properties in Branson offer a complimentary breakfast with your room rate, so ask about it when you make reservations. (Branson also has a nice variety of Mexican restaurants, most of which have budget-friendly menu items and specials, like Taco Tuesday - our list of the best can be found here: “Branson Dining - Delicious Mexican Cuisine in the Music City!”)

6. Stay at a special-feature-filled resort:  And resort lodging in Branson doesn’t always mean a condo at the lake; you’ll find conveniently located resorts right in the heart of the city, including Grand Country Resort, which features a phenomenal indoor/outdoor waterpark, indoor and outdoor mini-golf, lazer tag, mini-bowling and more. Lots of hotel properties have indoor pools and game rooms to keep everyone entertained. Staying at a resort with lots of activities included with your room rate, or at a minimal extra fee, is not only a great way to save money, it’s loads of fun, too! (For some good information on lodging in Branson, particularly if you’re looking for specific features, check out this post: “Branson Lodging - Pet Friendly? Indoor Pool? Yep, We’ve Found Your Room!”)

There you have it, six quick and easy ways to save a few bucks - put those extra bucks in your pocket or splurge on an attraction or two, seeing an extra show, bringing home a few more souvenirs - whatever makes you happy!