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Branson - We’re Finding Your 30 Favorite SHOWS Before Your Next Visit!

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Branson - We’re Finding Your 30 Favorite SHOWS Before Your Next Visit!

No matter where you go, or what you plan to do when you get there, by trip’s end, you’ll have a new list of all your favorite things...this is especially true when it comes to visiting Branson!  But, what if we helped you out a little on the front end? Even if you’ve visited Branson before, there’s probably more than one show you’ve missed, and it could have become a favorite! So, we’ve put together a list of shows everyone should experience in Branson!  (Watch for future articles in this Travel Guide where we’ll share lists of other “Favorites” to help you plan your next visit!)

Many shows fall into multiple categories - we decided to put each show into just one category, in no particular order, to keep your list manageable:

“I love SHOWS, but I especially love COMEDY.”   Here’s what you need to see:

1. C.J. Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy:  The country music here is incredible, especially when she channels the late, great Patsy Cline, but this show needs to be on your list for the incomparable comedy of Terry Sanders!

2. Buckets ‘n’ Boards:  These are two extremely talented musicians, but it’s their keen ability to keep you laughing with clever percussion antics and comedy routines that’ll have you cheering for more!

3. Grand Country’s Comedy Jamboree:  Just as the name implies, it’s a grand good jam filled with chuckles and belly laughs from beginning to end!

4. Presleys’ Country Jubilee:  You’ll definitely want to come for the amazing music, but it’s the outrageously funny fellas known as Herkimer and Cecil that’ll make you a lifetime Presleys’ fan!

5. Comedy of Jim Barber Lunch Show:  With a crazy cast of puppet characters, Barber gives Branson one of the best ventriloquist acts anywhere - and it even comes with a great meal!

“I especially love the THEATER (as in community-style theater and Broadway music).”  Gotcha covered!

6. Broadway to Bublé Starring George Dyer:  All it’ll take is one note from the phenomenal pipes of George Dyer and you’re hooked, especially when he shares some of the best songs of Broadway!

7. Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre:  With scripting by the hilarious Jecobie Roberts, star of the Comedy Hypnosis Dinner Show, this zany production casts several members straight from the audience!

8. Broadway’s Greatest Hits:  It’s right there in the name - enjoy a cast that delivers excellent renditions of favorites from the Great White Way!

9. Smoke on the Mountain:  The story, the cast, and every last detail is so delightfully funny and entertaining, you’ll want to come back and catch these characters again for the holidays in a Sanders Family Christmas!

“I really want to have FOOD with my live entertainment fun.”  Wow, has Branson got your show!

10. Dolly Parton’s Stampede:  When it comes to a meal and a show, Stampede wrote the book on doing it up Dolly style - gorgeous horses, stunning physical feats, memorable music, and finger-lickin’ good food!

11. Showboat Branson Belle:  Sensational entertainment, a scrumptious meal that includes both chicken and pot roast, and a cruise on beautiful Table Rock Lake - what more could you want?

12. Branson Comedy Hypnosis Dinner Show:  Mentioned earlier, this brilliant show belongs on several lists - it’s the buffet that puts it here - it’s filled with items like real mashed potatoes and southern-style mac & cheese!

“It’s not music unless it’s COUNTRY MUSIC!”  Don’t miss these:

13. Pierce Arrow:  This long-running Branson classic delivers great country music and, if you’re looking for more variety, catch Pierce Arrow Presents: Decades - it gives you 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s pop songs and hits from other genres during those decades.

14. Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers:  Sure, the comedy is amazing, but we had to put them here for the fantastic country music you’ll be treated to with every performance - and it’s been going on for nearly 60 years!

15. Grand Jubilee:  It’s a grand good group of singers and musicians giving you a great collection of hot country music - current hits, classics, and more!

16. Raiding the Country Vault:  Well-known artists, along with those who’ve worked with some of music’s biggest names, perform a huge catalog of country music hits on an incredible stage that rivals anything you’ll find in Vegas!

“I especially love TRIBUTES.”  Boy, has Branson got tributes for you!

17. Statler Brothers Revisited:  Branson’s home to lots of tribute shows, but make sure these guys are on your itinerary!  All those great Statler hits performed by veteran artists with sincere respect for the music and the legendary act.

18. ABBA Tribute - Thank You for the Music:  A high energy show that delivers a modern-day reinterpretation of the hits you’ll never forget, from the Swedish pop sensation that gave us some of music’s catchiest songs!

19. Sinatra & Friends:  If any artist is deserving of a posthumous tribute, it’s the Chairman of the Board, and this journey through his catalog of music, as well as the songs of other legends, is one not to miss!

20. Glen Campbell Songbook: Veteran tribute artist, James Garrett, gives us the nearest thing to one of the dearest and most gifted genre-crossing artists music has ever known!

21. Liverpool Legends:  Produced by Louise, sister to George Harrison, this unbelievable show captures everything you loved about the Beatles, and makes us believe that a miracle music reunion has finally happened!

“I love all music, so I want VARIETY.”  Branson wrote the book on variety!

22. Magnificent Seven:  A very talented group of seven performers dazzles with 200, yep a whopping 200, costume changes and songs from several decades and genres - this show defines the word “variety!”

23. Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety:  We’re not just talking musical variety here, you’ll enjoy a variety of entertainment that includes magic and astonishing physical feats - it’s unbelievably fabulous!

24. The Haygoods:  Mere words fail to describe the energy and excitement this show delivers!  A variety of music, state-of-the-art sound and special effects, dancing, and more delights packed houses night after night!

“I’m looking for something UNUSUAL, so what shows fill that bill?”  Lots of shows, that’s what!

25. Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai:  If you’re mesmerized by the gymnasts you see on TV, just wait until you see what these flexible, athletic, and graceful young people can do - it’ll blow your mind!

26. Amazing Pets:  Maybe you’ve seen animal acts before, but how about one using common dogs and other housepets, many of which have been rescued from shelters?  It’s fantastic furry fun for the entire family!

27. Janice Martin Cirque Show:  She’s an aerialist...violinist...pianist...singer...acrobat - and just wait until you see her play violin while wrapped in aerial silks - it’s easily one of Branson’s most unique shows!

28. Reza - Edge of Illusion:  There are magic acts - there are illusionists - and there’s there’s Reza, a magically gifted illusionist who’s in a class all by himself!  A truly “see it to believe it” kind of show!

“What about GOSPEL OR BLUEGRASS?”  Here are a couple of Branson’s best!

29. Ozarks Gospel:  It’s the music that puts you in a brighter frame of mind, performed by a great cast that includes Tammy and Tonya Bilyeu, of Mel Tillis’ famous Stutterettes!

30. Petersen Family Bluegrass Band:  The old saying about “talent runs in the family” was never more true than with the Petersens!  Incredible musicianship and family harmony produces the area’s best bluegrass!

There might be an impressive number of shows listed here, but Branson is home to even more in every category we’ve included!  And we didn’t even touch on Motown - as in the Motown Downtown Tribute Show - or speciality shows like Dublin’s Irish Tenors & The Celtic Ladies or Hot Rods & High Heels - there’s just so many phenomenal shows that you simply need to make your Branson visits longer and more frequent!  Don’t forget to return to this Travel Guide for our next edition in this series: “Finding Your Favorite Attractions in Branson!”