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The National Harvest & Cowboy Festival - Silver Dollar City’s Gift to Autumn!

The National Harvest & Cowboy Festival - Silver Dollar City’s Gift to Autumn!

When it comes to festivals in Branson, Missouri, nobody does it better than Silver Dollar City, and they’ve whipped up a perfect Autumn recipe with their National Harvest & Cowboy Festival!  Taking place through October 29 this year, the award-worthy event features a variety of activities, musical performances, and festival foods throughout the park.  They even answered visitor demand for the return of the popular Barn Dance; it takes place in the Carousel Barn.

You can meet Western artists and craftsmen, including Gunsmoke star and cowboy artist, Buck Taylor, at his Cowboy Emporium.  Chris Isaacs entertains with tales from the trail and poetry that celebrates the great American cowboy.  Fred Woehl will be demonstrating how he trains wild mustangs in the Extreme Mustang Makeovers.  The authentic art of chuck wagon cooking will be demonstrated by Kent Rollins; he’ll also be serving up cowboy stories, poetry, and humor from his restored 1876 Studebaker wagon.  Western musicians will perform in the Riverfront Playhouse, and there’ll be an honest-to-goodness Wild West Show inspired by those made famous by the legendary Buffalo Bill.

The home of American craftsmanship welcomes 125 visiting craftsmen during this colorful festival, one that also marks the homecoming of the historic Silver Dollar City stagecoach, an authentic 1880’s stagecoach.  This fascinating vehicle was part of the Overland Stage Line, and it carried mail and passengers out West before it retired to become one of the first rides at Silver Dollar City in the early 1960’s.

Go for the food...go for the craftsmanship on display...go for the matter what makes you happy about Autumn in Branson, just go to Silver Dollar City’s National Harvest & Cowboy Festival! You can buy your tickets directly through our site!

*Image courtesy of Silver Dollar City Official Website