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Branson’s Best Attractions - Dolly Parton’s Stampede - Top 10 Things to Know!

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Branson’s Best Attractions - Dolly Parton’s Stampede - Top 10 Things to Know!

One of Branson’s favorite shows is also one of its greatest attractions, and one incredible place to eat - Dolly Parton’s Stampede!  This is one of those delightful shows where our four-legged friends upstage the human performers - 32 stunning creatures work with amazing trick riders to create a gorgeous spectacle, and it’s all part of a fun and friendly competition that takes place between the North and South sides of the awe-inspiring 35,000 square foot arena.  They’re accompanied by great music and brilliant special effects, as well as loads of laughter, courtesy of SKEETER & NUGGET®, and the exciting Canine Capers - only performing in Branson - a stunt dog relay event starring lovable rescued critters who compete in a high jump, fly-ball racing, an agility course, and more, all to the joyous delight of every kid and dog lover in the audience!  In addition to the main show, there’s a fun pre-show in the Carriage Room next to the arena - there, audiences will be entertained by the White River Wranglers who deliver wonderful music that’s a mix of country and bluegrass, with high energy acoustics and sensational three-part harmonies - what a bonus! You get all this fantastic entertainment along with a scrumptious, belly-bustin’ four-course family feast, what more could you want?  Nothin’, that’s what!

Now that you know a little about this fabulous show, here are the 10 things everyone should know when visiting “Branson’s Most Fun Place to Eat!™”:

1.  Arrive early to see the horses!  Most of the parking is behind the facility, which means the route you’ll walk to the entrance goes right by the gorgeous, well-kept stables housing the most beautiful Stampede performers, those 32 magnificent Appaloosa, Paints, Palominos, and Quarter horses!  It’s especially heartwarming to see how loved and well-cared-for these treasured gifts of nature truly are, something that adds to the uplifting experience of Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction.

2.  Don’t miss the pre-show!  Another reason to make sure you’re at the theater early; the White River Wranglers are a joy to behold in this pre-show in-the-round, and where else will you find two incredible shows on one ticket?  You’ll love it! (Note: The pre-show begins 50 minutes before the main attraction.)

3.  Come hungry for a feast!  It’s an impressive meal - a four-course feast featuring a Whole Rotisserie Chicken, Hickory-Smoked Barbecued Pork Loin, Creamy Vegetable Soup, Homemade Biscuit, Buttered Corn-on-the-Cob, a Specialty Dessert, and unlimited Coca-Cola®, tea, or coffee. And feel like a kid again because everything is prepared and served ready-to-eat...with your fingers!

4.  Vegetarians are most welcome!  Yep, that tummy-fillin’ feast comes in a vegetarian version, as well as a gluten-free one, to make sure every guest can enjoy a good meal during the show.  Vegetarians will get a Country Garden Vegetable Pasta and Herb-Basted Potato in place of the two meat servings, and gluten-free guests also get the potato as well as a Gluten-Free Cookie to replace the biscuit and dessert.  (Note:  Vegetarians may want to ask about broth ingredients in the soup before consuming.)

5.  Children 2 and under are free!  If your child is two (2) years-of-age or younger and sitting in your lap, you’re welcome to feed them from your plate and won’t be required to purchase a ticket.  (Note:  If you want a seat and/or a full meal for your child, you can purchase a child’s admission for them.)

6.  Make sure all the excitement suits you!  Nothing will get people jazzed like a live show filled with excitement!  But, all the razzle dazzle with the lights and sound, as well as special effects that include pyrotechnics, and all the active animals, can be a lot for someone with a special medical condition or even allergies to the animals, so keep that in mind and take whatever precautions are necessary to make sure everyone in your party has an enjoyable experience.

7.  Special needs can be accommodated!  If you or someone in your party uses a wheelchair or walker, requires hearing assistance, or has other special needs, please remember to advise Dolly Parton’s Stampede employees in advance of your visit so that your needs can be accommodated.

8.  Stampede is a VERY popular show!  Although last minute tickets may be available, there’s no guarantee - when we said this is one of Branson’s most popular shows, we meant it!  Shows, especially the 5:30 p.m. performance, can end up being sold out - avoid disappointment and plan ahead!

9.  There’s a special show for Christmas!  The Stampede’s little helpers rev up the festivities for the holidays with a friendly rivalry of the North Pole Elves versus the South Pole Elves!  The arena is all decked out for Christmas and a highly anticipated visit from jolly ol’ St. Nick himself, so be extra special good to make sure you end up on his “nice” list!

10.  This is family-friendly entertainment for all!  So many places and things like to tout themselves as “family-friendly” and “fun for all ages,” but Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction truly lives up to that claim!  From that wee tot perched on your knees, to the jaded teen who’s suddenly forgotten about that cell phone in their pocket, to the occasionally crotchety grandpa who felt dragged along - they’ll all find themselves completely and thoroughly entertained and asking if you’ve made those reservations yet for next year!

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