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Grand Country Shows Deliver a Grand Good Branson Time All Year Long!

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Grand Country Shows Deliver a Grand Good Branson Time All Year Long!

If any venue knows something about producing a great show, it’s the longtime Grand Country Resort in Branson, Missouri!  This massive complex houses everything you need for a complete vacation, but the Resort’s shining star is the live entertainment found in the Grand Country Music Hall.  Offering a selection that makes the old adage hold true - “something for everyone” - the show lineup features everything from lovingly trained dogs and cats, to belly-bustin’ laughter - from hit country songs, to classic gospel tunes.

In addition to the memorable line-up of live shows, this large complex houses the Grand Country Inn, which comes complete with an impressive indoor/outdoor waterpark, homestyle cookin’ at the Grand Country Buffet, pizza and more at Papa Grands, a nice selection of indoor and outdoor mini-golf courses (ask us about the Farm Mini-Golf,) both gift and boutique-style retail areas, laser tag, mini-bowling, indoor go-karts, an arcade and, believe it or not, even more!

When you wisely put Grand Country on your next Branson itinerary, here’s what you can expect to find in the perfectly-sized show venue (small enough for an intimate, up-close-and-personal experience - large enough to accommodate the demand for tickets:)

Amazing Pets - a canine and feline fun-for-the-whole-family show!  Happy dog and cats, many of which are rescued animals, deliver a show that’ll delight anyone with a heart for man’s favorite furry four-legged friends!  Oh, and there’s a bevy of birds, too! Lots of cuddly creatures take over the stage, but there’s even more to this popular show -- be prepared for surprises!

Branson Country USA - long after the sun’s gone down, the fun amps up at this long-running live show that’s broadcast on radio stations across the country, and syndicated on radio and television. You can even be part of the live audience!  It features regulars from Grand Country’s other shows, including New South, The Grand Band, Jamie Haage, Melody Hart, Jackie Brown, and Mike Patrick, and a rotating guest list of Branson’s best entertainers. (Friday nights at 10:30 p.m.)

Comedy Jamboree - here’s one Branson show that’s filled with laughter from beginning to end - and it’s an “end” that fans will tell you always comes too soon!  The laugh-out-loud comedy is supplemented by fabulous music, dancing, and everything else that makes live entertainment the best kind there is! The laughter is thanks to Applejack, Stretch McCord, and Andy Parks -- they’re joined by the Grand Band, Jamboree Singers, and Branson’s prince of the piano, Tracy Heaston.

Down Home Country - is a treat for the senses, sharing the best in traditional country music, western swing, and gospel - all in one dynamite show!  You’ll hear the hits of Gene Watson, Merle Haggard, George Jones Dolly Parton, and many other music icons. The songs and laughs are provided courtesy of Jamie Haage Jarrett Dougherty, and Melody Hart.  This talented gang will even take a few requests from the audience - now that’s rare for a theater show, and you thought you had to go to a nightclub to request a live song!

Grand Jubilee - the “grand daddy” and centerpiece of the great Grand Country line-up, this fantastic show is headlined by New South and Jackie Brown, gets its laughter from Jim Dandy (Jamie Haage) and emcee, Mike Patrick, and is backed up by one of Branson’s greatest bands, the Rhinestone Mafia.  Just like with all Grand Country shows, it doesn’t stop at music - it gives a generous dose of comedy, and a heapin’ helpin’ of unforgettable fun!

New South Gospel - sensational Southern Gospel delivered by four incredible vocalists - Mark McCauley, David Ragan, Jon Drockelman, and Luke Menard (sound familiar - he did really well on American Idol!)  You’ll also be treated to Tracy Heaston on piano, and supporting vocals from Jamie Haage and Jackie Brown - with the great Grand Band sharing the stage. There’s nothing like Gospel to lift your spirits and soothe your soul!

Ozarks Country & Ozarks Gospel - are the two latest additions to the Grand Country Music Hall family of shows!  Headlined by the beautiful Bilyeaus - Tammy and Tonya - one show satisfies your country cravings, while the other feeds your soul with good ol’ Southern gospel.  The Bilyeaus spent a few years performing with the Baldknobbers, and more than a decade as the Stutterettes for Mel Tillis. These shows are filled with music and laughter, leaving you wanting even more - just come on back and see them both again - problem solved!

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