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Legends in Concert Show Review

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Legends in Concert Show Review

Legends In Concert in Branson gives an unforgettable tribute experience unmatched in town, making you feel like you’re watching A-listers play live at Madison Square Garden! The VIP Lounge box seats, accessible by elevator, are definitely the best way to experience the show! The darkly-lit atmosphere upstairs caters to a romantic candlelight dinner, allowing for an intimate affair for your party! Guests in the VIP Lounge have full-access to the menu from Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Grille, with your server bringing food and alcoholic beverages directly to your candlelit table before and during the performance. The VIP Lounge also allows direct access to the restaurant bathroom, which visitors can use without feeling like they are interrupting other guests by getting out of their seats during the show. The comfortable chairs allow guests to lean back and relax as you watch your favorite artists take the stage.

Brooks & Dunn lead the night off with an energetic, on-point set that’ll get your boots scootin’! It’s no surprise this version of Brooks & Dunn have been successful tribute artists for many years in Branson – their seasoned act really sounds like the real duo! The rendition of “My Maria” gooses your arms as the audience claps and sings along with the chorus. The background dancers add appeal, wearing cute little cowgirl/cowboy outfits that get just enough of your attention without taking away from the big show. The experienced live band chugs and grooves along to “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”, belting out all the notes you expect to hear. A giant beach ball tosses itself around the audience, like you’re at a real Brooks & Dunn concert! It’s a really fun, high-energy set that determines the gleeful tone throughout the rest of the night.

Adele begins with the James Bond 007 theme “Sky Fall”, allowing this Brit to show off her powerful vocal range and unquestioning ability to hit all those high notes! Throughout all the performances, the two large video screens on the sides of the stage play music videos of the real artists singing note-for-note with the tribute artist on-stage, making it “live”. Feel the sadness emanating from the talented singer in “Someone Like You”. Get bumping to her smash hit “Rumour Has It”, as Adele gets the crowd singing along to the chorus. The choreographed, interpretive dancing in the background adds a dash of energy to the spectacle, possessing a yin-yang quality to the staunch vocal power of the stationary Adele.

The Blues Brothers, on loan from Joliet Correctional Center, played an energetic set filled with soulful rhythms and hilarious antics! Despite what the movie says, they are NOT a one-night-only affair; The Blues Brothers have been a successful act here at Legends in Concert in Branson for over a decade now, and continue entertaining large audiences with their pizzazz and appeal to multiple generations. Elwood, in his brash Chicago accent, begins by thanking the Mount Prospect Police Department for joining everyone in the building. In “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” the audience gets treated to all the choreographed moves we know and love from Blues Brothers Jake and Elwood. For the cover of Sam and Dave’s “Soul Man”, Jake and Elwood’s synchronized jigs, fast dancing, and high energy mimic the movie’s characters perfectly! They still can’t sing country or western, as evidenced by the humorous “Stand By Your Man”, and Jake even brings out the whip for “Rawhide”! As The Blues Brothers set comes to a close, the stars of Legends in Concert come out to the audience for a meet-and-greet during a 15-minute intermission, during which guests have a photo opportunity with the stars.

Michael Jackson’s block really got the crowd pumped, as he sounds and looks just like the real thing! The video screens play actual concert footage of the real Michael Jackson, and when switching eyes from the performer on stage to the real-life on-screen Michael, one cannot tell the difference. The moves are all the same: the twists, stop-poses, moonwalks, and slides across the stage all recall the real MJ! In “Smooth Criminal”, he moonwalks across the stage likes it’s getting out of bed, making everything look effortless and easy. For the come-together song “Black or White”, Michael gets the crowd psyched himself through his signature screams and howls. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy impressive choreographed monster dance moves and intricate, detailed zombie costume changes for “Thriller”, as supernatural video clips roll across the giant video screens. The crowd really gets the true Michael Jackson live experience in “Billie Jean”, as Michael ends the set by singing note-for-note while tossing around his stylish fedora.

The final performance of the night may be the most popular, as Elvis Presley comes out in a tight black leather one-piece suit, with lades in the audience finding themselves screaming all over again like it was 1958. This particular impersonator is so spot-on, he might even do a better Elvis than The King himself! The audience gets treated to all of Elvis’ signature dance moves in “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Jailhouse Rock”, while clips play from the 50’s and 60’s of the real performer playing to frothing audiences. An unexpected highlight of the show is the background dancing behind Elvis, producing dark silhouettes reminiscent of popular 60’s dancing! With psychedelic backdrops and dancing staples of the 60’s, the dancers spice things up with their go-go boots and short sparkly dresses in a real far out way! Elvis also serenades lucky ladies in the audience in the premium seating (first five rows) for “Love Me Tender”, in which he kisses cheeks and blushes faces! Dancing and twisting just like The Pelvis, he turns up the heat in the room with “A Little Less Conversation”, making the ladies up close feel like he’s personally speaking to them! As the set ends with “Viva Las Vegas”, all the stars from the show come out on stage for the conclusion and bow to stunning applause and standing ovation for a well-deserved thank you.

If you like tributes where the performers look and sound just like the real artists at very specific, identifiable periods of their respective careers, then Legends in Concert is the show for you! Tickets can be purchased at, or by calling 877-688-3179.