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Branson’s Hughes Family - One Big Family, Lots of Big Talent!

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Branson’s Hughes Family - One Big Family, Lots of Big Talent!

There’s nothing quite like a “family” show in Branson!  And we’re not talking about “family friendly” shows - although this one certainly qualifies for that label, too - we’re talking about families who perform, and when it comes to the size of the family delivering such a show, nothing else is quite in the same league as The Hughes Music Show!  Since we’ve never counted heads in families who perform on stages around the world, we can’t guarantee this, but we know you’d have to look far and wide to find another performing family that outnumbers the Hughes clan!

It may be one big family, but these siblings and other close relatives certainly haven’t limited themselves to just one type of music - the Hughes Music Show offers an impressive range of genres and styles, including pop, rock, country, gospel, and blues, as well as patriotic songs, and even a touch of classical.  The range of vocal talents represented in the family is astounding, and it seems like being “family” brings with it an innate ability to harmonize that’s not always easy to teach. Audiences are treated to incredible instrumental work and show-stopping solo highlights supported by brilliant musical arrangements, along with laugh-out-loud displays of comic relief that make for a well-rounded display of diverse talent, inspiring moments, and musical entertainment that’ll stay with you long after the show is over.  And all of this talent is wrapped in the highest of quality in everything needed to give the best possible performance night after night...state of the art sound and lighting, creative sets and costuming that would rival the best of Broadway, Vegas, Paris and beyond, and choreography perfectly conceived to accompany each musical number in the show.

One of Branson’s most enduring shows, the Hughes Family has never gotten stuck in a rut - even if they have an very successful season with a production, they’ll still work hard to tweak and update and ensure that every season offers something new to long-time fans who see the show every year and every season, and attend every special performance event.  

Branson offers many phenomenal shows, including shows where practically everyone who takes the stage comes from the same family - we hope one day you can say you’ve finally seen them all!  But if your schedule demands that you keep your vacation-list-of-things-to-do manageable, we’d highly recommend giving the Hughes Music Show Starring The Hughes Brothers a place of honor on that list!  And make sure you return to Branson for the holidays and catch the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show and New Year's Eve Show.