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Branson’s Golden Voice - Doug Gabriel Belts Out Music’s Biggest Hits!

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Branson’s Golden Voice - Doug Gabriel Belts Out Music’s Biggest Hits!

Few artists in Branson can take command of a big hit song the way Doug Gabriel can - his powerful voice nearly makes you believe every song was his song to begin with - he’s that darn good!  If you’re a regular Branson guest, then you’ve heard of Doug Gabriel - unless you never leave your hotel room - he’s been delighting packed audiences for nearly 30 years. And it’s not just his big vocals that stay with you, he’s a very skilled guitar player, and it’s even more fascinating when he brings out his signature mufftar.  If you’ve never heard of the mufftar, don’t worry, it’s not an instrument you’ll find in any orchestra, band, or at any music store anywhere - as far as we know, it’s truly one-of-a-kind because Doug created it! Fashioned from the muffler of an actual 1969 Thunderbird, this unique stringed instrument has become nearly as popular in Branson as Doug himself!

Catching a show that exclusively features Doug is definitely a ticket worth buying, but every show also gives you the joy of watching his family perform!  Doug’s “better half, Cheryl, emcees and provides lead vocals, and son Josh plays drums. Son, Jordan, is also a drummer, and provides the show’s comic relief, and more vocals, as well as delightful dance moves, come courtesy of daughter, Jasmine.  Any show that features a stage filled with talent and the type of entertainment that’s made more special by a family that works, plays, and prays together, is a show well worth enjoying every time you visit Branson!

Although Doug’s voice is uniquely his own, his sound and style may bring to mind some of music’s biggest names and most treasured voices, like beloved and deeped missed Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison, or those still inspiring us today, like Tom Jones and Bill Medley.  But the show isn’t limited to just this type of music or style of singing, you’ll also be treated to the music of artists ranging from Taylor Swift to the Bee Gees - from Shania Twain to Marty Robbins. And Doug’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by several Branson-based programs that acknowledge and give awards to area shows and artists; these programs employ a variety of judging methods, making his repeated recognition as male vocalist and entertainer of the year from all of them even more impressive.  Additionally, his resume goes beyond performing with his family; he’s toured with or opened for acts like Bobby Vinton, Ronnie McDowell, Tony Orlando, and late, great country artists Roy Clark and Mel Tillis - and it just so happens that each of these artists have graced the Branson stage in concert performances or in their own theaters here. (Check out some more big names showing up for limited engagements in Branson this year: “Branson Welcomes 23 Big Name Acts to the Concert Stage for 2019!”)

With the wide variety of songs you’ll hear from Doug Gabriel and family, this one show may just hit all the right music buttons for you.  But if you want more, you can learn about other shows offering a variety of music, with some adding a bit of magic, comedy, and more, by taking a peek at this post: “Branson “Pops” with Musical “Variety!” For more country music: “Branson - Where to Get Your Country On in the Home of Live Entertainment!” and shows that honor legendary artists:  “When Branson Missouri Pays Tribute, Everyone Pays Attention!