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Dancin' Through the Ages Show Branson, Missouri Interview

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Dancin' Through the Ages Show Branson, Missouri Interview

Come on and dance along to Dancin’ Through The Ages, an upbeat flurry of dancing and costume changes that will have you wondering what you’ll see next! Performing at The God and Country Theatre (1840 W 76 Country Blvd), the cast of Dancin’ Through The Ages (Chad Ruden, Justin Sassanella, Kelly Wiegand, and Sharie Nievar) recently sat down with the Save On Branson writing team and got personal for an exclusive interview!


Q: What’s your favorite part of Dancin’ Through The Ages?

Sharie: I just like being with a group!

Justin: I personally like performing the 50’s group section, and Bing Crosby’s part is my favorite to sing.

Kelly: We truly have a lot of fun together. I really like the tap dancing because I don’t get to tap in my other shows!

Q: What sets Dancin’ Through The Ages apart from other singing and dancing shows in Branson?

Justin: The eras! I don’t know of anybody else who does 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

Kelly: We try to do some different things. We try to combine tap dancing, variety, and style over the course of several decades of music that’s just not currently performed anywhere else.

Sharie: The tap tunes definitely set us apart. There’s just not that many shows that tap right now!

Q. How did the cast of DancinThrough The Ages come together here in Branson?

Kelly: Well, Chad has been in town for awhile and worked at Silver Dollar City, so he brings a wealth of experience to our show. He and his wife Kaylee wrote the show and put all of us together.

Q: Who were your musical and dancing influences growing up?

Sharie: My daddy! He played guitar in a band called The Third Degree.

Kelly: Geez, there’s such a wide variety! Cyndi Lauper was my favorite growing up! My dad listened to 30’s and 40’s music, and that really stuck with me. It’s really helping me out now (laughs).

Q: What are your hobbies outside the show? What do you like to do in Branson?

Sharie: I’m a school nurse. I work over in Hollister, and I really enjoy it! I also have three children, so I’m pretty busy!

Kelly: I love going to White Water and camping with my two kids. We have so much fun together!

Q. How would you describe Dancin’ Through The Ages for someone who’s never seen it?

Sharie: Fun! Energetic! High-energy!

Kelly: Good times and great music that you probably don’t know too much about.

Q. What’s your audience going to get at Dancin’ Through The Ages? How is the audience going to feel by the end of the show?

Justin: Hopefully they want to dance! It’s really a treat to interact with the crowd after the show, and I want them to feel like they got their money’s worth with the energy we bring.

Q: You all really do have Energizer bunny motors up there. Who would you say is the ham of the group?

Sharie: Justin or Kelly! Justin in the show, but definitely Kelly outside the show!

You can see these graceful dancers float across the stage in Dancin’ Through The Ages at The God and Country Theatre (1840 W 76 Country Blvd) Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm all the way through December! You can purchase tickets for this non-stop romp through the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s at, or by calling 877-688-3179.