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Best of Branson - Week of April 8, 2018 What We Love In Branson This Week!

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Best of Branson - Week of April 8, 2018 What We Love In Branson This Week!

What We Love In Branson This Week!

The season is off to a great start in Branson, Missouri!  For our fifth edition of the weekly series, “What We Love In Branson This Week,” we offer five long-running shows you just have to see!  

In this series, we talk about shows, attractions, and more that’s top of mind for us right now, so it’s different each week - catch us every week to find out what we’re loving lately!

Here, in alphabetical order, is What We Love in Branson This Week:

Conway Remembered:  Mike Walker’s delivery of the legendary, Grammy Award-winning, country crooner, Conway Twitty, is very uncanny, and completely entertaining!

3 Reasons Why We Love Conway Remembered

1.  It stars Mike Walker!  Anyone who’s seen him perform as any number of iconic artists, or simply as his entertaining self, realizes that Walker may be one of Branson’s best kept talent secrets!

2.  The country/pop music mastery of Twitty!  With hits labeled as country, true fans know that Conway Twitty’s songs appealed to an even broader spectrum of music fans - who could forget the classic ballad that was so reminiscent of an early Elvis Presley - “It’s Only Make Believe” - an unforgettable heartbreaker!

3.  No typical tribute!  No matter the subject of the honor, tributes are only as good as the entertainer paying homage -- tribute artists don’t get much better than Mike Walker, a truly phenomenal singer!

Schedule this week:  Monday, April 9 - Wednesday, April 11 - Friday, April 13: all shows at 2:00 p.m.

Venue:  Hamners’ Variety Theatre

Doug Gabriel:  One of Branson’s longest-running headliners, and easily one of its best singers, Doug Gabriel has been giving audiences here one phenomenal performance after another for more than 20 years!

3 Reasons Why We Love Doug Gabriel

1.  That voice!  With a voice as big as they come, he can belt out the songs of music’s most powerful singers...Elvis, Engelbert, Bolton, Orbison, and more are no problem for the incredible vocal chords of Gabriel!

2.  Great variety!  His show never gets stuck in the rut of just one music genre - you’ll hear pop, country, rock, gospel and hit songs from several different decades in every performance.

3.  A super talented family!  Doug’s whole family gets in on the act -- singing, dancing, and generating great big laughs appear to be second nature for Gabriel’s offspring and his stunning wife!

Schedule this week:  Sunday, April 8 at 8:00 p.m. and Wednesday, April 11 at 10:00 a.m.

Venue:  Pierce Arrow Theatre

The Duttons:  With so many performing families in Branson, it takes a lot to stand out -- the Duttons have a LOT of talent!

3 Reasons Why We Love The Duttons

1.  Endless energy!  One thing you can’t help but immediately notice during a Duttons’ show is the level of energy.  At some shows, you might wait for the action to slow before paying a visit to the restroom or concession area - at the Duttons, the action never slows down - hit those things before the show starts!  

2.  Their reputation extends beyond Branson!  They spend part of the year performing on the road, and Branson will never forget the impression they made on the judges for NBC’s huge hit, America’s Got Talent!

3.  It’s really all about family!  A stage filled with talented Dutton siblings, in-laws, children...all with a great love of music -- the family happiness, togetherness, and love only amplifies their God-given talent!

Schedule this week:  Monday, April 9 - Tuesday, April 10 - Thursday, April 12: all shows at 8:00 p.m.

Venue:  Dutton Family Theatre

The Hughes Music Show:  An extravaganza of song, dance, and comedy brilliantly delivered by a huge extended family filled with undeniable talent and a true love for entertaining!

3 Reasons Why We Love The Hughes Music Show

1.  Always something new!  This very creative crew of brothers is always thinking of something new to do with their annual show in Branson - they’ve given us The Hughes Brothers Christmas Show, “it” Starring the Hughes Brothers, and now, the even bigger, Hughes Music Show!

2.  A commitment to community!  Their Branson show has blessed them with great success, and they never fail to give of themselves to the community, getting involved at a variety of levels and in many different ways.

3.  They’ve mastered it all!  Every aspect of a great show is important to the Hughes family; choreography, musicianship, vocals, comedy, sound, lights, staging...everything counts, and it shows in every performance!

Schedule this week:  Tuesday, April 10 - Thursday, April 12 - Saturday, April 14: all shows at 8:00 p.m. and Wednesday, April 11 - Friday, April 13: all shows at 2:00 p.m.

Venue:  Hughes Family Theatre

Magnificent 7 Variety Show:  A show featuring seven magnificently talented entertainers accomplishing more in one show than most casts could do in several performances!

3 Reasons Why We Love The Magnificent 7 Variety Show

1.  Lots, lots, and lots!  There is so much of everything, especially when it comes to lots of songs and lots of costumes - imagine 200 costume changes and 75 songs in one show!

2.  The Tinocos!  Joe and Tamra Tinoco, and their darling daughter, Tayla, headline a production that’s the perfect showcase for their endless talent!\

3.  They live up to the name!  Variety is not an overstatement here, this sensational cast of seven incredible performers make sure there’s at least a little bit of something for absolutely everyone!

Schedule this week:  Sunday, April 8 - Monday, April 9 - Friday, April 13: all shows at 7:00 p.m. (of course!)

Venue:  Hamners’ Variety Theatre

Give us a call to get tickets or passes to everything we talk about in this article, or for any of Branson’s best shows and attractions... you can reach us at 877-688-3179.  We’re also happy to package your tickets with lodging for significant savings. Don’t forget to check back with us in a week to see what we’ll be lovin’ next!