Branson's "Season" Kicks Off for 2018

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Premier Dates for Two Dozen Popular Shows!

Branson offers a lot to see and do for millions of guests year-round, but every long-time Branson fan knows that the live entertainment really amps up just before Spring.  Many entertainers return from vacation, shows nail down that last rehearsal, seasonal attractions and restaurants reopen their doors, and the calmer and gentler Branson that many people enjoy between late December and early March is suddenly kicked into high gear!  Of course, high gear means different things to different people, but everyone agrees that it always means fun, family, and a festive spirit that never dims in Branson!

Branson is filled with high-energy interactive attractions, like ziplines, go karts, indoor and outdoor waterparks, and climbing facilities, as well as more passive activities, including fascinating museums, shopping, and sightseeing.  But there’s one very important thing that has always set Branson apart from every other destination, and that’s its huge collection of fabulous live shows!  Here are opening dates for a couple dozen of the most popular:

ABBA Tribute - Thank You for the Music: March 13

Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai: March 9

Beach Boys’ California Dreamin’: March 13

Broadway to Bublé starring George Dyer: April 3

CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy: April 3

Doug Gabriel: March 21

Liverpool Legends - The Complete Beatles Experience: April 23

Magnificent 7: April 8

AYO - Voices of Glory: March 12

Clay Cooper’s Country Express: March 9

Duttons: April 9

Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety: March 2

Haygoods: Saturdays only now - full schedule begins March 1

Pierce Arrow Presents The Decades: March 2

Amazing Pets: Open Now

Branson Country USA: Open Now

Comedy Jamboree: Open Now

Down Home Country: April 17

Grand Jubilee: Open Now

New South Gospel: March 29

Ozarks Country: February 25

Ozarks Gospel: February 25

Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Show: February 23

Samson at Sight & Sound Theatres: March 3

Of course, this list of twenty-four doesn’t include all the shows that are open now for 2018, or opening in the next few weeks, and it certainly doesn’t come close to portraying everything Branson has to offer when it comes to live entertainment.  All kinds of shows can be found in Branson, Missouri, including magic, comedy, dance, acrobatics, dramatic productions, animals, and even hypnotism!  And then there’s the music, nearly every genre and era is represented...pop, rock, country, opera, Broadway, soul, bluegrass, the blues, and unforgettable songs from decades that include the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and on up to the hits of today.  

If you’re not excited and ready to start making your Branson plans right now, then excellent live entertainment must be missing from your vacation vocabulary!  Pick up the phone and make that call for MOre entertainment, MOre fun, and to save your family MOre money by making MO your next vacation destination - Branson MO that is!  Here’s the number to get started now - 877.688.3179; our experienced vacation planning specialists are ready to share additional information on all the shows mentioned here, and so many MOre!