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Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety in Branson...It’s Undeniably Incredible - Believe It!

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Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety in Branson...It’s Undeniably Incredible - Believe It!

Branson offers up an amazing array of variety shows, scores of music shows, and an impressive collection of magic acts...only one combines all three ingredients into one powerful recipe of fantastic fun, and it’s Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show!  Just a few minutes into this long-running production and you’ll know that you’re witnessing something truly special. There’s obviously a whole lot of talent on one stage, but it’s more than that -- you can clearly see that these performers really enjoy what they’re doing -- the love, respect, and chemistry amongst the cast comes through loud and clear!

This unbelievable collection of artists and acts is headlined by uber-talented Master Magicians, Dave and Denise Hamner.  This sensational husband and wife team has been delighting audiences for years, and racking up the accolades along the way, including the International Merlin Award by the International Magicians Society, and the Bronze Lion Head Award from Siegfried & Roy.  Their show features unique, copyrighted acts that keep everyone mesmerized, scratching their heads, and completely captivated! They’ve demonstrated their magic on stages everywhere, including Las Vegas and Disneyland, as well as the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, and on television, including NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic.

Big illusions and sleight-of-hand mastery isn’t the only magical thing in the life of the Hamners, Dave happens to be an ordained pastor, even holding a popular interdenominational service - Branson Gospel Sunday - at the Hamner Variety Theater.  And his Christian faith isn’t just a badge he wears on his sleeve, Hamner lives what he preaches - using the success of his show to give back and pay it forward. Some of that character is evident in his show’s ethnic diversity, an example of inclusiveness the Hamners are proud to set.  They’re also inspired by others in the community who live their faith, including the family that performed here in the show, Twice Adopted, made up of adoptees from Guatemala - Dave spotted the stand-out talent of one of these young people, and recently added Casey Koenig to his show as a singer and magician’s assistant.

This is a “variety” show after all, so there’s more than magic taking center stage at Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety show, including beautiful vocalist, Tamara Tinoco, who also stars with her family in Magnificent 7.  Jeff Brandt sings along with Tamara; he’s also a gifted impressionist and comedian who helps keep the audience in stitches! The dancing and other stunning visual features of the performances is outstanding, thanks to the show’s professional choreographer, A.J. Heard.  The cast also features beautiful aerialist and dancer, Mariya Serykh, the stunning unicycle and cyr wheel skills of Anthony Soumiatin, dancer and singer, Sharie Nievar, and the crowd-pleasing favorite, Downtown Kenny Brown, who lends his skills to the comedy sketches, dazzles everyone with his dance moves, and assists with both the choreography and the Hamners’ illusions.

There’s so much to love about all the variety at Hamners’ that we don’t want anyone to overlook the real “star” of the show - mystical, mind-blowing, and amazing magic!  Whether it’s a big illusion where something unbelievably appears or disappears before your eyes...or the beautiful birds who get in on the act...or even something that touches the heart and soul, you’ll be completely enchanted from beginning to end!

When it comes to live entertainment in Branson, there really isn’t a bad show, everyone will find more than one show that features something they enjoy.  But when it comes to variety, and not just musical variety, but a wide range of live entertainment features, there’s only one that must be seen to be believed - Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety!  We highly recommend it, and saving money on your tickets by calling a friendly, experienced vacation planning specialist at 877-688-3179.