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There’s No Branson Adventure Quite Like a Fritz’s Adventure!

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There’s No Branson Adventure Quite Like a Fritz’s Adventure!

Everybody knows that Branson is happily overflowing with attractions, but there’s only one that truly defines the idea of bringing just about everything you love about the great outdoors inside, while throwing in your favorite indoor activities, and putting all of it into a climate-friendly, year-round facility - that one attraction is Fritz’s Adventure!  This multidimensional physical activity facility offers it all...climbing, gliding, zipping, sliding, swinging, crawling and, of course, a whole lot of smiling, laughing, and working off a bunch of calories from all that tasty Branson food. With so much going on, it’s nearly impossible to describe it all, but here’s a nutshell description of the fantastic fun you’ll find at Fritz’s:

  • First off, there’s a flippin’ 80,000 square feet of fabulous in this facility!

  • A 40-foot Ropes Course with 51 different challenges that’ll have you rising higher, and higher, and…

  • Maneuver across a suspended bridge in an Airworthy Airplane - you’ll have control of the wheel and throttle at 30 feet in the air - you’ll feel what it’s like to be a pilot!

  • Your agility and reflexes are put to the test in the Laser Room - maybe you’ll make it through the dense field of laser beams to every checkpoint fast enough to land on the Top 10 Leaderboard...or not...try again!

  • Beneath the building is an intricate web of Underground Tunnels and shortcuts, unearth what’s hidden and secret!

  • Climb high in Downtown urban-industrial cityscape featuring a vertical wall with three brick pathways and varying degrees of difficulty, as well as two full-size utility poles, all challenging you to reach the top and ring the “I made it” bell of sweet accomplishment!

  • Giant slides, a climbable water tower, tree houses, a zip line, parkour (derived from military obstacle course training,) suspended bridges, container mazes, warped floors, Fritz’s Forest, Via Ferrata (protected climbing route,) and yes, there’s even more!

To make sure you stay energized and satisfied, Fritz’s Cafe lets you dine while overlooking the incredible indoor adventure park.  You’ll find a menu featuring healthy sandwiches, salads, wraps, and kid’s meals.

Have you ever had so much fun...this kind of fun?  Consider this your invitation to discover the best way to get a great workout and enjoy it...the best way to burn off some of that energy bouncing around inside your kids...the best way to get your Branson adventure on - your Fritz’s Adventure, that is!

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