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From Branson - Your Silver Dollar City Update - 5 Big Reasons to Visit in 2019!

From Branson - Your Silver Dollar City Update - 5 Big Reasons to Visit in 2019!

Everyone’s favorite theme park in their favorite destination has it’s great 2019 season well underway, but if you haven’t yet been to Branson and visited Silver Dollar City this year, here are five excellent reasons why it’s time you did!  (For some great tips on visiting Branson, especially for first-time visitors: “Branson - 11 Good Things to Know Before You Go!”)

Visit Silver Dollar City (SDC) in 2019 because:

1.  It’s time for Bluegrass & BBQ!  Easily one of the greatest bluegrass music events found anywhere, Silver Dollar City has assembled an unforgettable lineup for the 2019 festival.  Dozens of the genre’s greatest artists will descend on Branson throughout the month of May, including greats like the reigning queen of bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, as well as Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, The Grascals, Big Smith, The Cleverlys, The Gibson Brothers, and the incomparable Diamond Rio.  And new this year - Bluegrass Nights; it’ll feature a concert every evening during the festival in the 4,000-seat Echo Hollow amphitheatre. And don’t forget all the incredible food in the House of BBQ...18-hour slow-smoked brisket, chicken, ribs, pulled pork, and sides like grilled “Crazy Corn,” and dessert served in Mason jars, including apple pie and caramel brownie.  Mouth waterin’ yet?

Performance Locations: Venues throughout Silver Dollar City - evening concerts in Echo Hollow

Dining Locations:  House of BBQ in Red Gold Heritage Hall - BBQ Feast in Reunion Hall

Festival Schedule:  Now through May 27

2.  You just can’t miss the all-new Harvest Festival!  In addition to all those exciting rides, delicious eats, and the wonderful variety of gifts and treats, Silver Dollar City brings you Pumpkin Nights - how sweet!  The park will be aglow with illuminated pumpkins as you stroll from Town Square along the Pumpkin Pathway to The Grand Exposition. There will be a new Pumpkin Plaza where you can enjoy a delightful dance party, and a new Woodland Hike to explore. Kids will love meeting Peter and Penelope Pumpkin, and everyone will marvel at the detailed designs of a real master pumpkin carver, sipping pumpkin-spice lattes and glow-in-the-dark drinks, munching on pumpkin spice funnel cake, and indulging in more tasty treats.  And rides will be open later, which means having fun flying through the dark! The entire experience is good, clean, non-frightening fun - ideal for the tiniest toddlers up to the most young-at-heart seniors! And daytime at the park will be fun, too, with very cool Craft Days, featuring a reimagined Makers’ Market, a singing and dancing lumberjack show, and even more artisans and hand-crafted items you just can’t resist!

Festival Schedule:  September 25 through October 26

3.  You haven’t been on Time Traveler!  Or maybe you’ve ridden it twice, and that’s not nearly enough!  Just in case you’re not familiar (if you’re a coaster enthusiast, you’re VERY familiar,) this fantastic ride launched in 2017 as the fastest, steepest, and tallest complete-circuit spinning coaster in the world.  It features a 10-story, 90-degree vertical drop - three inversions: one loop, one zero-G roll, and one vertical loop - reaches speeds of up to 50.3 mph - has more than a half mile track - and boasts 360-degree spinning vehicles with adjustable magnetic spin control.  It’s completely and totally flippin’ amazing!

Park Location:  Valley Road

Additional Details:  Operates only when outside temperature is at least 42 degrees - height requirement is 51” to ride.

4. There’s a great lineup for the Summer Concert Series!  A favorite addition to SDC’s festival and events schedule in recent years, the 2019 series is one of the best yet!  Five-time Grammy-winning artist, Christopher Cross, will be here, as well as sensational 80s tribute band, Members Only, and a red-hot tribute to ABBA that shares songs from their huge catalog of hits.  You can also two see two incredible groups you probably thought you’d never see again - The Lovin’ Spoonful gave us “Do You Believe in Magic,” “Summer in the City,” “Nashville Cats,” and more, and Blood, Sweat & Tears, the Grammy-winning rock group, hit the charts with “Spinning Wheel,” “And When I Die,” and “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy.”  

Concert Venue:  Echo Hollow Amphitheatre

Concert Schedule:  May 31: Members Only - June 1: Christopher Cross - June 2: ABBA Tribute - June 7: The Lovin’ Spoonful - June 8: Blood, Sweat & Tears - June 9: Members Only

5.  You need to find some hand-crafted gift items!  Nothing makes the recipient of a gift happier than getting something unique, especially if it’s been created by someone’s own hands.  SDC is famous for being the home of American craftsmanship, and for having working crafters at the park throughout the season. It’s fun to watch these artisans at work, creating a variety of items you’ll find in SDC’s many shops.  Wood carving, pottery, candy-making, candle-making, leather-crafting, baking, and many other speciality crafts that give you a whole bunch of ideas for the perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas (shop early, save time for decorating and family during the holidays,) and other special occasions.  

Craft Locations:  Valley Road:  blacksmith - candy - blown glass - cut glass  Hugo’s Hill Street:  leather - knives/blades - woodworking - lye soap - house furnishings  Midtown:  baking - candles  Main Street: taffy   Riverfront: pottery

Limited-Engagement Craftsman:  Pumpkin carving in the Red Gold Courtyard - September 25 - October 26

There ya go...five really good excuses to jump in the car and head to Branson for a fun-filled visit to the multi award-winning theme park, Silver Dollar City!  For other things to check out while you’re here…”Branson 2019 - What’s New? Your Latest Update Offers 10 Great Things!” - “New in Branson for 2019 - 17 New Reasons to Visit!” For great kid-friendly stuff... “Branson - Where Animals Steal the Spotlight and Your Heart!” and for just a few more good entertainment ideas…”Branson Excels at “Dinner and a Show” - 13 Options for Mealtime Entertainment!

Check back with us soon - we’ll be giving you another update on Silver Dollar City because there’s an endless list of things to experience...did you know they had a cave you can tour?  Sure do, and it’s stunning! Stay tuned!