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Branson Dinosaur Museum - Your Prehistoric Adventure Awaits!

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Branson Dinosaur Museum - Your Prehistoric Adventure Awaits!

Dinosaurs aren’t extinct, they’re alive and well in Branson, Missouri!  Well, maybe they’re not quite “alive,” but the wonderful creatures you’ll meet at the Branson Dinosaur Museum are so “well” crafted, you’ll be waiting for them to suddenly come to life, making you feel like you’re in the middle of Jurassic Park!  It seems like all kids - whether they’re 2, 42, or 92 years young, are fascinated with dinosaurs, but seeing these enormous creatures can mean expensive trips to Washington DC, Atlanta, Australia, and any number of large destinations with natural history museums.  You might not have known, until now, that clever paleo-artists have recreated stunning replicas of a variety of dinosaurs by crafting molds from real bones, providing Branson’s fabulous museum with a plethora of the ancient animals.

At the Branson Dinosaur Museum, you’ll see ginormous dinosaurs, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, or T Rex, or simply “Rex” for all you Toy Story fans out there!  The huge T Rex is probably the creature kids most recognize; but did you know that dinosaurs could be as little as just one-foot-tall? This tiny fella is the microraptor, a diminutive dinosaur that was the most abundant of all the non-bird dinosaurs.  You’ll be amazed at the exquisite detail of these beautiful animals - careful attention has been paid to even the smallest detail, creating dinosaurs so incredibly lifelike, you’ll swear they’ve moving right before your eyes!

The Branson Dinosaur Museum is a perfect attraction when you have just a little time, or you have a couple of hours to look - your admission allows you to take a self-guided tour and spend as much time as you wish in the museum. You’ll have access to all the displays, and learn something about each, thanks to a plaque at every exhibit that provides written details of the creature that has captured your attention.  There’s also a fascinating fossil exhibit, a learning center with a video presentation, a special area for hosting birthday parties (wouldn’t your kid just love that), as well as a gift shop filled with cool dinosaur items and souvenirs.

After you’ve been dazzled by Branson’s Dinosaur Museum, check out some of the other great museums in town - all are family-friendly, and offer opportunities to have fun while learning!  Branson is home to Hollywood Wax Museum, Titanic Museum Attraction, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the World’s Largest Toy Museum (which contains multiple museums under one roof,) the Veterans Memorial Museum, the History of Fishing Museum, and the Branson Centennial Museum, among others.  Follow the links to learn more about each, or get a quick peek at all of them in this post: “Branson’s Museums - Fun and Fascinating Inside and Out!