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Branson - The Capital of Live Entertainment...What Really Makes it Special?

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Branson - The Capital of Live Entertainment...What Really Makes it Special?

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We talk about the shows, the museums, the attractions, the beautiful scenery, the incredible shopping and dining, with a lot of nice things to say about everything Branson has to offer...but what is it that truly makes Branson special?  Why does this small town in the middle of the Ozark Mountains attract millions of visitors every year, turning many of them into lifelong fans? Well, it’s certainly everything we mentioned above and more, but there’s an intangible “something”...a difference that quickly becomes apparent to nearly everyone who spends a little time here.  Branson is phenomenal when it comes to delivering a variety of family-friendly entertainment that’s hard to find anywhere else, but what really makes it special? Branson is what it is because of how it makes you feel - you can’t easily label or define it, but you know it when you feel it!

Branson’s “feel” comes from so many things blended together: friendly faces, little courtesies you thought were lost forever, and a deep sense of patriotism that’s proudly displayed front and center, not just used as a marketing tool, although Branson loves to share stories about its strong appeal to veterans...for Branson, its love of country is a character trait, something that just comes naturally.  And Branson opens its arms wide for one and all, embracing our differences while relishing the things we all have in common. Other destinations have tried to duplicate that feeling; remember when Las Vegas billed itself for a while as family-oriented? They soon came to realize that they are what they are, a fun place to go and gamble and maybe let loose a little more than you might back home, or even in any other destinations, and that’s great for Vegas, we love it, too...but when it comes time to escape to a place where every member of the family can enjoy the same shows, have fun at the same attractions, and walk down the street without shielding your youngster’s eyes from something they shouldn’t see, you want to be in Branson!  And when couples want to enjoy a romantic getaway, or classmates want to come together for a reunion, or old military friends want to catch up with each other, there’s no better place than Branson, and they’ll have the time of their lives, a time they can share with everyone back home without hesitation or reservation. 

Even though Branson is different because of that special feeling, if you’ve never been here, or haven’t visited in many, many years, you need to know what tangible things this small town has to offer, right?  The one really significant feature that sets Branson apart is the live entertainment - there are dozens upon dozens of shows, including those filled with great music of nearly every genre and era; some shows focus on country music, others deliver a variety of hit songs, rock music, pop favorites, opera, Motown, the standards, and more.  You can enjoy magic shows, as well as those featuring comedy hypnosis, live theater productions, animals, Chinese acrobats, hillbilly humor, and so much more. Attractions include a plethora of fascinating museums, miniature golf, thrill rides, laser tag, ziplines, climbing walls, escape rooms, vintage photos, ATV rides, go karts, horseback riding, water sports, dinner cruises, and the list goes on, and on, and on... 

We’ve listed several of Branson’s big shows and popular attractions below; just follow the links to listings and articles to learn more about each. We’ve also listed a few posts that talk about the incredible dining and shopping you’ll discover, as well as other posts that just contain helpful information.  We hope you’ll come see us soon, because everyone likes to feel good, and Branson has that special knack for creating that good feeling like no other destination can!

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