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Exclusive Interview with Angels of Country Music Show

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Exclusive Interview with Angels of Country Music Show

Angels of Country Music will melt your heart with country harmonies from artists you love! You’ll hear Reba, Loretta, Patsy, Dolly, and more of the pioneers of modern female country singers. Performing at the God and Country Theatre (1840 W 76 Country Blvd) every Monday and Wednesday 7:30pm, Angels of Country Music consists of life-long friends Diana Ponder and Teresa Landry, along with Diana’s talented, yet soft-spoken daughter Natalie Nicole. The Save On Branson writing team recently got an exclusive interview with the Angels immediately following another soulful performance.


Q: How did the Angels of Country Music get started here in Branson, and how did the cast get together?

Diana: Well, this is our sixth season here is Branson and we’re proud to play at the God and Country Theatre.

Teresa: We think the world of each other. Backstage is where the real show is at!

Q: What’s your favorite part of the show?

Teresa: Personally I just really enjoy working together with these guys. We genuinely have a lot of fun with each other up there every night.

Diana: It’s a real pleasure to work with my dear friend and daughter. Not everyone gets the privilege of getting to live out your dream!

Q: How would you describe Angels of Country Music for someone who’s never seen the show?

Natalie: It’s a tribute to the ladies of country music. You’re going to hear Dixie Chicks, Reba, Loretta Lynn, and a whole lotta female attitude!

Q: Who was your musical influence growing up?

Natalie: My mother [Diana], honestly. Reba McEntire really influenced my singing style.

Diana: Linda Ronstadt made a big impression on me. I love Emmylou Harris, and Dolly Parton, of course!

Q: What are your hobbies outside the show? What do you like to do in Branson?

Natalie: I’m a single mom of two. So I’m pretty much cooking and cleaning all the time, or hanging out with the kids.

Diana: I don’t really have a hobby, but I do like to walk every day – it helps me think and put things in proper perspective.

Teresa: I’m currently writing a children’s book about family and friends coming together. I should be writing more (laughs).

Q: You’re all experienced performers of the stage, what are some of the shows you’re in currently or were in before?

Diana: I started off here in Branson at the Presleys’ [Country Jubilee] years ago, and I was a backup singer for Moe Bandy and performed with Pierce Arrow, among many others. It’s been a long ride!

Teresa: Where do I begin?!! Down Home Country, Splinter Middleton, 76 Music Mall, and Moe Bandy just to name a few

Natalie: I also sing at the God and Country Theatre! I sang with Branson Brothers in the past, and also 1st Ladies of Rock!

Q: How did you all develop such a strong and natural rapport with each other?

Teresa: We were just talking about how rare it is that we all get along! You never get that in this industry…It’s truly been a blessing to work with family and friends.


The Angels were a real treat to listen to, and even sweeter to meet in person. The cast for Angels of Country Music will be available immediately following the show for an autograph and photograph meet-and-greet session. Tickets for Angels of Country Music can be purchased at, or by calling 877-688-3179.