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Branson's Hot Rods & High Heels - Fallin' in Love With the 50s Again!

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Branson's Hot Rods & High Heels - Fallin' in Love With the 50s Again!

Music from past eras is no stranger to Branson, Missouri, and that includes the “nifty 50s,” but Hot Rods & High Heels has us jazzed all over again about the era of bop, pop, and early generation rock, by assembling a sensational cast and putting together a production that delivers the best of the fab 50s in perfect style!  Hosted at the Clay Cooper Theatre, the show employs a talented group of singers and dancers, as well as a fantastic live band of seasoned musicians. Cooper and wife, Tina, created the concept, seeking out the best entertainers to put on a show that not only recalls the hit songs of the era, but gives us the “feeling” of the 50s...the fashion, the hairstyles, the cars, and the reminds us of ponytails and pompadours, poodle skirts and sweater sets, leather jackets and letterman sweaters, and all the accessories and attitude that pulled it altogether!  

If you’ve seen shows that pay tribute to specific eras, and were less than satisfied, don’t let that keep you away from Hot Rods & High Heels.  They’ve lovingly paid attention to even the smallest details, they share songs you won’t always hear at other shows, have great costumes that are true to the 50s, and the sets are definitely Broadway quality.  

 For folks who lived through the 50s, this show will be a wonderful reminder of everything they miss about this precious era in music, family-centered entertainment, and trendsetting in fashion, decor, and personal style.  For those too young to have lived in the 50s, and maybe their knowledge has been gained through kitschy displays in stores, and a short list of big hits that play on oldies stations, Hot Rods & High Heels will introduce them to everything they’ve been missing!

When it’s time to get your “50s” on - and when is it not time - grab your best girl or gal, load the kids in the car, maybe invite your folks who remember the delightful decade like it was yesterday - and head for Branson to see the show you’ll return to time and again - Hot Rods & High Heels!

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