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Yakov Smirnoff Uses the Branson Stage to Make America Laugh Again!

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Yakov Smirnoff Uses the Branson Stage to Make America Laugh Again!

Yakov Smirnoff is determined to make America laugh again, and he’ll do it in the Branson spotlight!  Yakov returns to his theater home here for several dates this fall, including a very special performance to help kick off Branson’s annual, and highly anticipated, Veterans Week Celebration.  He’ll be headlining the big Vets for Vets show*, on the calendar for November 5 at 2:00 p.m., at the Mansion Entertainment Center - with Yakov on the roster, it’s sure to be a packed house!

Smirnoff has long been world-famous for his hilarious take on all things American, and now his humorously heartfelt observations on life and love, and the joys of experiencing the ups and downs of both, have provided him with even more fodder for his popular Branson show.  Yakov first planted himself on America’s collective radar in the 1970’s, and on into the 80’s, when he popped up on nearly every TV talk show sharing his unique perspective as a Russian immigrant navigating his way through a life of newfound freedoms, and the occasional confusion that came along with it!  He has a real knack for sharing how he might be puzzled by the simple things we take for granted as being easily understood - who wouldn’t be charmed by his story about “baby changing stations” in public restrooms…”so, if you don’t like the baby you have now…!” Yakov’s other television appearances included a co-starring role in a sitcom named for his catchphrase, “What A Country,” as well as a recurring role on the long-running comedy series, Night Court.  He also enjoyed supporting roles in movies alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names, scene-stealing from the likes of Tom Hanks in The Money Pit, Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson in Heartburn, and two of the funniest guys ever to appear on the big screen - both of whom we continue to mourn deeply - Richard Pryor in Brewster’s Millions, and Robin Williams in Moscow on the Hudson.

Although we’re sure he’ll always have a piece of Russia in his heart, Yakov appears to treasure his United States citizenship, one he doesn’t take for granted.  And he’s pursued the ultimate American dream by getting a formal education, including a degree from a prestigious Ivy League school, the University of Pennsylvania, and a doctorate degree in Psychology and Global Leadership from Pepperdine University.  He’s used his impressive education to become a popular instructor, teaching life-useful courses in Happiness and Laughter, subject matters that fit Yakov like a glove, given his natural wisdom and wit, and an uncanny knack for observing and analyzing all the little nuances of human behaviour.  The latter is what’s helped make America’s favorite Russian import one of the funniest and most lovable artists in comedy today!

Yakov has toured the world, helping everyone to keep their relationships healthy and fulfilling through laughter, but just as we’ve been hoping he would, he’s decided it’s high time he hightailed “home” to Branson, the perfect setting for his campaign to Make America Laugh Again!  You can catch Yakov in Branson in October and November on several dates with shows at 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m.; show times vary depending on the day, so give us a call at 877-688-3179 in advance of your visit - our friendly vacation planning specialists will help you select the date and time that works for you, and make sure you get a great price on tickets!

*Admission to the Vets for Vets Celebration is free for all veterans, active duty military, and other friends and guests, but donations are encouraged to keep this important annual event on stage for many years to come.