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The Haygoods - A Branson Treasure That’s Right on the Money (Money Magazine, that is!)

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The Haygoods - A Branson Treasure That’s Right on the Money (Money Magazine, that is!)

Every show in Branson is “treasured” entertainment, but shows like The Haygoods own a special place in the hearts of guests and residents alike.  And speaking of treasure (think the paper kind with pictures of dead presidents) - Money Magazine recently worked with TripAdvisor to identify popular attractions in every state, and according to booking information from TripAdvisor for all of 2017, The Haygoods’ come out on top for the state of Missouri!  Branson has always known how incredibly special this talented group of siblings truly is, and now it’s been verified!

Always on the cutting edge of live entertainment, the Haygoods have taken their already dazzling show and given it a big shot of adrenaline!  For 2018, they’ve amped up everything - the music, the costumes, and the dance moves - even the special effects have been set afire - literally!   You’ll hear new and original songs, as well as favorites from past seasons. Just because you saw their show last year, or any of the past 26 years they’ve been delighting Branson audiences, doesn’t mean you’ve “been there, done that” with the Haygoods -- you simply must see it every year!

The Haygood siblings never rest on their laurels when it comes to their talent and musical skills - they’re always learning something...always working to develop new and exciting components to their stage show year after year...and always keeping it family-friendly. You’ll experience the comfortable and familiar Branson-style show you know and love, while enjoying dynamic, innovative, and state-of-the-art features that you won’t find in every show -- it’s the perfect recipe for cookin’ up a show that appeals to folks of all ages and tastes!

For more information about the Haygoods, just pick up the phone, dial 877-688-3179, and tell a friendly vacation planning specialist that you’re ready to see one of Branson’s most treasured shows - the one, the only, the phenomenal Haygoods!  You can also book tickets to other great Branson shows, get your lodging reserved, and get all your questions answered with just one call.  Go ahead, make that call...we lookin’ forward to hearing from you!