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Silver Dollar City’s New Ride Brings the Past Back to the Future!

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Silver Dollar City’s New Ride Brings the Past Back to the Future!

Branson’s biggest attraction, the multi-awarding winning Silver Dollar City (SDC) theme park, will launch 2018 into the roller coaster stratosphere with the Time Traveler, a complete-circuit spinning coaster that’ll be the fastest, steepest, and tallest of its kind in the whole wide world!  Sporting a steampunk theme, the Traveler recalls the late 19th century era and ahead-of-their-time inventors and authors -- think Jules Verne, the writer who gave us classic gems like “Around the World in Eighty Days” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” -- a perfect fit for SDC’s 1880’s park-wide theme.

For a complete-circuit spinning coaster, the Time Traveler will be record-breaking right out of the’ll reach unprecedented speeds of up to 50.3 mph...make a 90 degree vertical drop that’s an astonishing 10 stories high...and using the existing Ozarks’ mountainous terrain, it’s a remarkable 100 feet tall!  It’s the first and only such ride with three inversions, a vertical loop, and a double launch -- ride enthusiasts around the world are already plotting and planning their got-to-be-there visit to Branson to be among the first to experience the mind-blowing magic of this custom designed thriller!

Just like every ride and entertainment area at the park, Silver Dollar City has built a fun story behind the new $26 million ride.  “The fascinating tale revolves around Charles Henry, the 29-year-old owner of a clock-making factory - a business he recently inherited.  Everyone at the park has been trying to figure out what young Mr. Henry is up to down at the family’s clockmaking factory, because it sure doesn’t sound like he’s behind that fence fixing old timepieces and grandfather clocks...there certainly must be something much bigger going on!  Everyone just can’t wait to see what newfangled gadget Charles has up his sleeve!”

In a nutshell, here are the ride stats for the groundbreaking new Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City:

  • Speeds that reach up to 50.3 miles per hour.

  • A ten-story, 90-degree vertical drop.

  • Three inversions - one dive loop, one zero-G roll, and one vertical loop.

  • A 3,020 foot long track - more than half a mile.

  • Two linear synchronous motor launches - one horizontal and one inclined.

  • A ride duration of one minute and 57 seconds, from dispatch to unloading.

  • 360-degree spinning vehicles with adjustable magnetic spin control.

  • Three trains carrying 16 passengers - two per row with two rows per vehicle, and four per train.

Although the Time Traveler more than delivers the thrills sought by ride enthusiasts everywhere, it also manages to be a family-friendly attraction with a height requirement of 51 inches, which means it won’t be off-limits to all younger riders.

Let’s not forget that there’s so much more to Silver Dollar City than a limits-pushing new roller coaster!  If you visit the park now, you’ll discover more than 40 thrilling rides and attractions, ongoing live shows and special performance concerts, 100 resident demonstrating craftsmen sharing America’s heritage crafts, a wide variety of award-winning foods, and 60 shops carrying everything from jewelry to toys.  Their list of exciting coaster rides includes Powderkeg, Thunderation, Wildfire, and the mind-boggling, breathtaking fun of Outlaw Run!

Make your way to Branson for endless live entertainment, including dozens of excellent music shows, a long list of interactive museums and other attractions, as well as incredible shopping, dining, golf, and more.  Make your way to Branson to enjoy everything Silver Dollar City has to offer in 2017, then get back here in 2018 for the premiere of the first and best of its kind anywhere - get back to Branson for the phenomenal fun of the Time Traveler!

For more information on Silver Dollar City and its rides, or more information about everything in Branson, give us a call.