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Branson’s Reza Puts His Audience Right on the Edge of Illusion!

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Branson’s Reza Puts His Audience Right on the Edge of Illusion!

One of the hottest young artists in Branson, MO is Reza, a phenomenal illusionist who’s giving magic a whole new meaning in his mind-blowing production, Reza - Edge of Illusion!  Think of all those sensational acts you’ve seen compete on any number of televised competitions, including America’s Got Talent, and bring all that skill, energy, element of surprise, and mastery of magic into one artist...that one artist is the ridiculously talented Reza!  Branson is blessed to have someone of Reza’s calibre entertaining audiences, leaving them happily bewildered, befuddled, and beyond trying to figure out “how he did that!”

Folks who’ve been coming to Branson for many years might remember a teenage Reza performing here - he was already magically mystifying audiences at just 14-years-old!  The endearing charm of that young magician is still evident in the adult Reza, but his ability to leave us scratching our heads in wonder has only grown stronger. His brand of illusion - both on a grand scale, and a more intimate one, gives us familiar types of stunts we love - taken to a whole new level - as well as a nice variety of unique, edgy, and tantalizing tricks.  Reza is amazing at all levels, but may be at his most charming, enchanting, and mesmerizing when he breaks out the “street magic” - fun illusions with everyday items like an Oreo cookie, a deck of cards, or a cell phone. When it comes to the big stuff, he does amazing things with motorcycles, helicopters, and the like, but what might be his most fascinating and outrageous stunt is what he can do while he’s visiting the farm - that’s one you’ll have to catch on video!  (It’s important to point out that no farm animals are harmed during this illusion - the happy cow appears completely unfazed!)

Reza always knew he wanted to be an illusionist, beginning with his first visit to a magic show in South Dakota when he was just seven-years-old, and sticking to that dream - elevating his skills and technique over the years - has brought him heaps of positive attention.  He’s appeared many times on television, including programs on American channels like MTV, PBS, Reelz, The CW, and A&E, as well as Fuji (a Japanese network,) and the popular Telemundo. Reza’s appeared on an impressive list of TV programs, including Japan’s “Wonders of the World,” A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” and the fun “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” on The CW.  He’s played countless venues in more than 30 countries - both smaller, intimate houses and large-scale locations, including Philadelphia’s Villanova Pavilion, Atlanta’s Phillips Arena, San Antonio’s Alamodome, and the Mundo Imperial Forum in Acapulco. Appearing now at Branson’s Famous Theatre, it’s Reza’s second residency at a Branson theater, and everyone here is hoping he makes it a very long one!

Branson plays host to an incredible collection of artists, shows, acts, attractions, and more, but there is always one artist that rises above - uh, make that “levitates” above - the pack, and that small and rare list includes the delightfully confounding fella that goes by Reza - in Edge of Illusion!  Contact a vacation planning specialist at 877-688-3179 now for tickets to experience the magic of Reza!