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Branson Mini-Golf is HUGE! 13 Courses You’ve Gotta Play!

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Branson Mini-Golf is HUGE!  13 Courses You’ve Gotta Play!

Attractions are a big deal in Branson, and that especially holds true when it comes to mini-golf!  Home to scores of both traditional and miniature courses, this home of live entertainment embraces the golf culture with open arms. When it comes to the smaller side of golf, there have been big time tournaments here, as well as fun gatherings of mini-golf enthusiasts. But Branson’s biggest customer for this specialty attraction is families;  mini-golf is such a great activity for families big and small, and fun for couples, too...none of that pressure you feel to not embarrass yourself on a regular golf course, with mini-golf, embarrassing yourself is half the fun!

You’ll not only find a significant number of miniature courses in Branson, you’ll find an incredible variety of special features, including some really unique adornments - everything from planes to dinosaurs to blacklight, there’s no limit to what you can putt through, around, under, and in!

There’s a seemingly endless collection of mini-golf courses in Branson - here are 13 you’re gonna love:

1. Bigfoot Adventure Golf (Bigfoot Fun Park:) 18-holes that include a research lab, woodlands, a frozen tundra, a cave with blacklight paintings and, of course, bigfoot tracks!

2. Blackbeard’s Revenge - The Hunt for Davey Jones’ Locker 3-D Adventure Mini-Golf (Branson’s Wild World - see details below)  

3. Brookside Miniature Golf (Shepherd of the Hills Expressway:)  With a scenic setting that’s more like real golf than miniature, Brookside boasts a babbling brook, waterfalls, misters and other beautiful features.

4. Grand Country’s Farm 18-Hole Mini-Golf (see details below)

5. Grand Country’s Indoor Mini-Golf:  The resort’s classic indoor course offers 36 holes with rivers, waterfalls, scores of fun obstacles, and even an Ozarks’ rainstorm every 30 minutes!

6. Grand Country’s Black Light 3-D Mini-Golf:  Enjoy the sights and soungs of an old river town with a Tom Sawyer-style theme, yet offering an interactive experience with state-of-the-art special effects.

7. Greatest Adventures Miniature Golf (Branson Meadows/Gretna Road:)  Dive into a 36-hole themed course, complete with knights, medieval castles, caves, Egyptian artifacts, a smoking dragon, and...gorillas?  Yep!

8. Hollywood Wax Museum’s Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf:  Adorned with landmarks that include the Hollywood Bowl and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, it’s 36 holes of Hollywood star-making happiness!

9. Lost Mine Mini-Golf (Track Family Fun Parks - Track 3:)  An 18-hole miniature course that sends you through an old mining town filled interesting obstacles and fun artifacts.

10. Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf (Green Mountain Drive:)  A total of 36 holes laid out in two award-winning courses - themed buildings, exotic greenery, glorious waterfalls, a full-scale pirate’s a true buccaneer’s mini-golf dream come true!

11. Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Canyon Mini-Golf (Green Mountain Drive:)  Caves, streams, ancient ruins, giant lizards, waterfalls, and a volcano blowing real fire, it features two 18-hole mini courses of red hot fun!

12. Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf (Highway 76:)  Search for diamond mines and ancient gold on your Fogclift Islands expedition. Golfers travel in a mining car to the top of the mountain to begin their golf adventure. Offering two 18-hole courses, you’ll also enjoy a mining train and features that include an airplane!

13. Route 76 Glow Golf (Track Family Fun Parks - Track 5:)  A delightful 9-hole indoor neon blast featuring iconic Branson sights and scenes.

When we play mini-golf, here’s a little more about two of our favorite attractions:

Blackbeard’s Revenge - The Hunt for Davey Jones’ Locker 3-D Adventure Mini-Golf lets you join in the hunt for the famous “Locker” throughout a 9-hole course that’s teeming with illuminated pirates, and features a treasure cave, volcanic area, and loads of creepy creatures like snakes, lizards, and more - and you can amp up the whole experience with 3-D glasses!  See if you can be the scallywag who successfully avoids walking the plank!

Grand Country’s Farm 18-Hole Mini-Golf is like a visit to the family farm right in the center of Branson!  Farm animals abound - animated and life-sized, you’ll discover critters throughout the course, along with all the other things you’d expect to see, like a horse barn, windmill, water tower, chicken coop, milk shed, and watering ponds.  Making your mini-golf experience even more fun are motion sensors that deliver sound effects and movement from the course’s animated features!

In addition to all of these individual miniature golf courses found throughout Branson, you’ll find small mini-golf spots available to guests of resorts and other businesses in Branson; the Shepherd of the Hills has a fun new attraction for kids called “Lil Pete’s Playland” that includes a miniature golf area, and both Big Cedar Lodge and the Welk Resort have miniature golf courses for their lodging guests.  

Looking for the best in miniature golf?  Branson is your destination for special effects, farm-themed, blacklight, dinosaur-filled, indoor, and outdoor mini-golf galore!