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Best of Branson - Week of April 1, 2018

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Best of Branson - Week of April 1, 2018

What We Love In Branson This Week!

It’s going to be a fun week in Branson, Missouri; check out edition #4 of our weekly series - “What We Love In Branson This Week!”  This series features shows, attractions, and anything else that might be catching our attention for the coming week. This series is strictly what’s top-of-mind each coming week, so make sure you “tune in” every Sunday!  

Here, in alphabetical order, is What We Love in Branson This Week:

Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai:  The name couldn’t be more apt - this show is truly an “amazing” experience to behold!

3 Reasons Why We Love Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

1.  Hey - it’s acrobats!  The popularity of gymnastics during the Olympics is evidence that everybody loves to see what the human body can do, and these athletes/artists/acrobats are like watching gymnasts on overdrive!

2.  Jaw-dropping feats!  The strength, agility, and flexibility exhibited by these athletes, while using everything from yo-yos to drums, and sometimes just their bodies alone - it’s truly stunning to witness!

3.  The sheer beauty!  Costumes, stage sets, props, lighting, music - just everything explodes with gorgeous colors, textures, sights, and sounds - it’s a genuine feast for the senses!

Schedule this week:  Sunday, April 1 & Monday, April 2 and Wednesday, April 4 through Saturday, April 7: shows at 3:00 p.m. - Tuesday, April 3 & Saturday, April 7: shows at 8:00 p.m.

Venue:  Grand Shanghai Theatre

C.J. Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy:  An incredible array of great songs, plus a healthy dose of humor, in one fantastic show!

3 Reasons Why We Love C.J. Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy

1.  Patsy Cline!  Even with the change in the show’s name, C.J. Newsom still makes us happy when she channels the late, great Cline, by delivering songs like “Sweet Dreams,” “She’s Got You,” and “Crazy.”

2.  Loretta, Reba, Dolly, & more!  Those familiar with the talented Newsom know how well she does Patsy, but who knew she could sing the daylights out of songs by Loretta Lynn, Reba McEntire, Judy Garland, Dolly Parton, and even the likes of Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash!

3.  OMGoodness - Terry Sanders!  He’s been keeping Branson audiences in stitches for years with his cast of crazy characters, including Terry the Tour Guide, Homer Lee, and his irrepressible impersonation of Joan Rivers!  You can also catch him at Silver Dollar City, Shepherd of the Hills, and nearly countless events and happenings about town.

Schedule this week:  Tuesday, April 3 & Thursday, April 5 at 7:30 p.m.

Venue:  Americana Theatre

Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety:  You can certainly believe that this is one of the most entertaining variety shows in Branson!

3 Reasons Why We Love Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety

1.  Dave and Denise Hamner!  Don’t just take our word for it, these Master Magicians have been highly recognized in their industry, including being honored with the International Merlin Award by the International Magicians Society, and Siegfried & Roy’s Bronze Lion Head Award.

2.  A fantastic cast of players!  The Hamners’ have surrounded themselves with an impressive group of artists - dancing, singing, comedy, cirque-style performances, and more are deftly delivered by Downtown Kenny Brown, Tamra Tinoco, AJ Heard, Mariya Serykh, Anthony Soumiatin, Cassi Koenig, and Sharie Nievar.

3.  Pretty magic!  As you hope to see in all magic shows, you get the big illusions and the small sleight-of-hand acts, but the Hamners’ take it up a notch by making it gorgeous, particularly the beautiful birds!

Schedule this week:  Tuesday, April 3 through Thursday, April 5 and Saturday, April 7 - all at 8:00 p.m.

Venue:  Hamners’ Variety Theater

Hot Rods & High Heels:  Branson’s big, beautiful blast back to the first decade of rock ‘n’ roll, the unforgettable 50s!

3 Reasons Why We Love Hot Rods & High Heels

1.  Hey - it’s the 50s!  There’s a lot of love for the decade that gave birth to rock ‘n’ roll music, and the fashion,  fun, and fancy footwork on the dance floor that came along with it!

2.  The authentic production!  From the costumes to the stage sets, and from the vocals to the dancing, careful attention has been paid to all the details, making Hot Rods & High Heels a sincere and loving nod to the fabulous 50s!

3.  A great cast!  Clay and Tina Cooper have assembled some of the area’s best artists of song and dance to share this phenomenal show with appreciative Branson audiences.

Schedule this week:  Wednesday, April 4 and Friday, April 6 at 2:00 p.m.

Venue:  The Clay Cooper Theatre

The Music Factory:  So much incredible music from just two guys on stage - it’s the definition of “you really have to see it to believe it,” and believe us, you’ll be glad you did!

3 Reasons Why We Love the Music Factory

1.  Like we said - it’s only two guys!  Who doesn’t love witnessing two talented fellas deliver a band full of music all on their own?  With Rick Silanskas’ specially designed keyboard, he can produce everything from a simple guitar chord to the sound of an entire orchestra!

2.  The wide variety of music! The songs of Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Andrea Bocelli, Chicago, and John Legend are just a sampling of the favorites you’ll hear.

3.  The vocalist!  The exceptional singing skill of Josh Leggett is apparent from the first note; you’re immediately enchanted and you’ll soon be cheering for more!

Schedule this week:  Friday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m.

Venue:  The Americana Theatre

Titanic Museum Attraction: An impressive collection of more than 400 personal and private artifacts, and fascinating interactive and immersive displays, create one of Branson’s most popular places to visit.

3 Reasons Why We Love the Titanic Museum Attraction

1.  An unforgettable moment in history!  The size of the structure, the number of lives lost, the sheer scope of the may not be the world’s biggest to ever occur, but there’s no tragedy before or since that continues to fascinate so many people - generation after generation.

2.  The authenticity!  Whether it’s the genuine artifacts on display, or the ship’s crew in their impeccably detailed attire and complete devotion to their respective roles, or replicated features like the grand staircase,  everything comes together to deliver an immersive experience like no other!

3.  The site of the ship on The Strip!  You simply can’t set eyes on that huge ship cutting through the water and seemingly sailing right onto Branson’s famous Highway 76, without instantly wanting to come inside and see more of the Titanic Museum Attraction!

Schedule this week:  9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Location:  On Highway 76 where it intersects with Highway 165.

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