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14 Branson Attractions Under $20 - WOW!

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14 Branson Attractions Under $20 - WOW!

Can you believe it?  We’ve actually discovered more than a dozen attractions in Branson with individual ticket prices under twenty bucks!  There’s an exciting coaster, fascinating museums, a ropes course, animal attractions, and more. And, in some cases, children’s passes are less than $10!  

We can’t promise that we’ve uncovered all Branson attractions with such a low price tag (but that’s good news - there could be even more,) and we didn’t include shows, where you can often save a barrel of money with family passes, but here are 14 fabulously fun and fantastic things to do in Branson for less than $20:

1. Branson Dinosaur Museum:  You’ll find faithful recreations of every kind of prehistoric creature imagineable - everything from the tiny to the huge and ferocious - more than 50 in all.  Each lifelike animal was crafted by a paleoartist using molds from actual dinosaur skeletons. There’s a fossil exhibit, a learning center, and even an event room where you can host your child’s all time favorite birthday party!  For more information:  Branson Dinosaur Museum

2. Branson’s Wild World:  While we’re on the subject of incredible creatures, here’s a place that’s filled with lots of real live critters from around the world!  Large and small mammals, creepy crawlers, a hands-on reptile display, sharks, exotic birds, and more, can be found here. There’s also 3D Adventure Mini-Golf, an arcade, and other fun stuff!  For more information:  Branson’s Wild World

3. Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure:  Where do we begin?  There’s so much to see and do, including beautiful fluttering butterflies everywhere you look, the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze, the Banyan Tree Bungee Adventure, and lots of frogs, geckos, salamanders, and other creatures that call this beautiful rainforest facility home.  Your youngsters will love getting geared up with a pith helmet, kid-sized binoculars, and a magnifying glass so they can be a genuine explorer of all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer! For more information:  Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure

4. Grand Country’s Farm 18-Hole Mini Golf:  Feels like you’re back on the family farm again, or maybe making your very first visit to one - life-sized animals, ponds, a chicken coop, a horse barn, a milk shed, a water tower, and even a windmill - everything you need for farm life!  Wait, we can’t forget the outhouse! Motion sensors deliver movement and sound effects to make it all feel even more authentic. For more information:  Grand Country’s Farm 18-Hole Mini Golf

5. History of Fishing Museum:  Discover more than 40,000 items (yep, you read that right)...fascinating fishing lures, poles, boats, motors, and more, many with interesting stories, including one of only four remaining casting reels from the very first batch every made.  There are fishing artifacts from pre-colonial times that were used by Native Americans and Eskimos, and even a nice collection of fish fossils and aquatic dinosaur bones the kids will love! For more information:  History of Fishing Museum

6. IMAX Films:  A delightful series of films especially made for this gigantic screen, including the story of early life in the greater Branson area - Ozarks Legacy & Legend.  The entire family will enjoy learning the story of the McFarlain family, how the Baldknobbers came to be, and how rough life was here in the early 1800s. The theater is also currently offering Pandas, another stunning film created for the big screen - and watch for some of Hollywood’s biggest films shown on the IMAX screen.  

7. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!:  You’re already fascinated before you walk through the door because you’re trying to figure out why the building looks like a tornado hit it!  Actually, that would be an earthquake - it was built to look like it was damaged by the sizable quake that hit Missouri in 1812. Exhibits come and go here, but you can always count on unique, unusual, and downright unbelievable items - things like a robot made from auto parts, genuine shrunken heads, a vampire-killing kit, and hands-on interactive displays - believe it!  For more information:  Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

8. Runaway Mountain Coaster:  A thrilling alpine mountain coaster right here in Branson’s slice of the Ozark Mountains!  Open year-round, this unique coaster sends you on a five-minute scenic trip to the top, then uses the existing topography to send you soaring down the hilly terrain.  No fancy motorized contraptions here, all that’s needed is a little help from Mother Nature and good ol’ gravity! For more information:  Runaway Mountain Coaster

9. Shepherd of the Hills Homestead Tour:  Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at this iconic outdoor theater production and the legendary homestead that surrounds it!  Jeep-drawn trams take you to see the theater, Old Matt’s Cabin, the Morgan Community Church, and Inspiration Point. Shepherd of the Hills shares the story from the best-selling book of the same name; Harold Bell Wright took his inspiration for the book from this area of the Ozarks and the hardy people who called it home in the late 1800s.  For more information:  Shepherd of the Hills Homestead Tour

10.  Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower:  “Towering” 230 feet over the gorgeous Branson landscape, this awe-inspiring and sturdy structure contains 4,400 square feet of glass and 92,000 pounds of steel, as well as stone and concrete, and can withstand a constant wind of 172 mph!  You’ll travel to the observation deck in glass elevators to enjoy stunning 360 degree views of the Ozark Mountains’ countryside - a clear day allows visibility of up to 90 miles away! For more information:  Inspiration Tower

11. Shepherd of the Hills - Lil Pete’s Playland:  Treehouses linked by rope bridges, mini-golf, a mining trough for treasure-panning, a petting zoo, an obstacle course and more can be found at the historic Shepherd of the Hills Homestead - it’s their first activity designed especially for your little ones!  For more information:  Shepherd of the Hills - Lil Pete’s Playland

12. Shepherd of the Hills - Ropes Course:  Rope walls, swinging bridges, and all the other cool features you’d expect from a ropes course, can now be found at Branson’s legendary Shepherd of the Hills Homestead!  Simple but thorough instructions and a comfortable safety harness is all you’ll need here to enjoy an energetic activity at one of the area’s most scenic properties. For more information:  Shepherd of the Hills - Ropes Course

13. Veterans Memorial Museum:  This thoughtful and fascinating museum honors the men and women who served and sacrificed during WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and more recent conflicts.  Ten great halls, each covering a war or conflict fought, contain sculptures, artifacts, murals, memorabilia, and pieces of art thoughtfully arranged to tell the stories behind each item.  A moving and emotional highlight of the museum is the display of names on the walls of the halls; the actual names of soldiers killed in action. For more information:  Veterans Memorial Museum

14. World’s Largest Toy Museum:  This amazing museum complex houses an extensive and varied collections of toys and other memorabilia - everything from Barbie to Betty Boop, and from cast iron cars to Pez dispensers, and just about everything else from your childhood!  There are also five additional museums located inside...the Harold Bell Wright, National BB Gun, Paul Harvey Jr., Stearnsy Bear, and World of Checkers Museums! For more information:  World’s Largest Toy Museum

Now that we’ve saved you a lot of money by sharing this list of low-cost activities, make sure you take in a few shows and discover why Branson is the home of Live Entertainment!