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Branson’s Titanic Museum Attraction - What’s Now, New, and Next?

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Branson’s Titanic Museum Attraction - What’s Now, New, and Next?

It’s Christmas in Branson and no museum is more holiday-beautiful than Titanic - but this breathtaking attraction is fabulous year-round, so it’s a definite “must see” during every season!  Titanic “set sail’ on the famous Branson strip in 2012 and quickly became a guest favorite...exceptional hospitality, careful attention to even the most minor of details, a crew that’s incredibly well-trained, impeccably dressed and adorned, and always in character, along with rotating displays of authentic Titanic artifacts and creative special events, there’s no museum or attraction quite like it!  

So, other than being aboard a gorgeous replica of the most famous ship in history, what can you expect to see at the Titanic Museum Attraction at any time during the year?  Where do we begin? There’s more than one reason why Titanic has such a large, loyal group of devoted fans - the core of the museum that remains intact from year to year is more than enough to keep everyone entertained...the stunning grand staircase, carefully constructed following the actual blueprints used for the original...being able to actually feel how cold the water was when Titanic struck that iceberg...experiencing the challenge of keeping your footing on a listing ship...peering into cabins used by first class passengers, or by the far less wealthy of those aboard...gazing at an enormous model of the entire ship as you enter the museum - there’s obviously way more than we could ever describe here.  And it’s not just about “seeing” artifacts and recreations of the ship’s features, or even about hearing the stories, and the fate, of individual passengers, as fascinating, inspiring, or even heartbreaking as those can be - it’s the nearly indescribable feeling you’ll have while in the Titanic Museum Attraction, it’s truly something you must experience for yourself.

In addition to the many regular features of the ship, now through December 31, Titanic is doing Christmas Branson style - meaning it’s lovingly decorated with festive decor and the twinkle of hundreds of lights.  And there’s a magical gift shop that’s open every day and accessible both to museum guests with attraction passports, and to anyone just popping in off the street to find a few unique gifts for under the tree! Also on world-exclusive display right now is the only bible that was saved when the ship sank - easily one of the most moving Titanic stories you’ll ever hear.  Additionally, the Branson museum continues to pay tribute to the musicians who bravely played on as the ship went down, offering some measure of comfort to passengers and crew as they came to terms with their destiny.

Another fascinating exhibit currently on display is a tribute to the Amazing Women of Titanic, honoring extraordinary individuals aboard who blazed their own trails in an era where a women’s “place” wasn’t front and center, but usually a few paces behind. These brave women busted through glass celings, grabbed at the brass ring usually reserved for men, and opened their own doors to make their “place” in the world a better one - an incredible thing to do in the early 1900s. The highlight of this exhibit is a collection of dresses from high society designer of that era, Lady Duff Gordon - the first time such an extensive collection of her gowns, daywear dresses, and fashion accessories has ever been publicy displayed. The women who were aboard Titanic and honored in this exhibit range from one of Britain’s first female lawyers, to a founding member of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra who went on to gain fame as the last remaining survivor from Titanic’s list of first-class passengers.

Well, we’ve covered now and new, so what’s next at the Titanic Museum Attraction?  Well, this is HUGE news...the largest collection of lifejackets that remain from the ill-fated ship will be on display in Branson!  As part of the entertaining and educational museum’s work to bring “Living Titanic Exhibits” here, this may just be the most fascinating collection ever to appear at the Branson attraction.  No single artifact could better represent both the tragedy of lives lost and the inspiration of those saved - this is sure to be an incredibly moving exhibit. Only 12 such lifejackets are known to exist, and this precious collection contains 7 - this will be the first time these 7 priceless artifacts will be on display together anywhere and Branson is excited to be the site of such a significant exhibit.  The unforgettable exhibit of these 7 lifejackets will begin March 1, 2019 and is currently scheduled to end on June 15. That’s only a few short months, so friends of the Titanic Museum Attraction should make plans now to be here, and anyone who’s yet to experience Titanic Branson, this may be the perfect occasion to join the long list of guests who return time and again!

A fun one-night-only event coming up is Titanic’s Daddy-Daughter “Princess” Date Night - this second annual special evening invites every “Prince Charming” (a.k.a. Daddy) to escort his little princess aboard the ship for a tour, desserts, and soft drinks.  Princesses will also have a Titanic flashlight to help guide them through the attraction, as well as a personal keepsake photo as a momento of this very special time with Prince Charming! This sweet event is just one example of the many creative ways Titanic uses this beautiful museum to entertain, educate, and keep the precious memory of its passengers in the hearts and minds of everyone.

There’s so much more to say about Titanic Museum Branson, but we’ll leave the rest for you to discover, just remember, there’s literally no such thing as “been there, done that” when it comes to this attraction - it pretty much demands at least twice-annual visits so as not to miss a thing!

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