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Branson Missouri - Where The Blackwoods Legacy Lives On!

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Branson Missouri - Where The Blackwoods Legacy Lives On!

Few names in the history of gospel music in America carry a resume as storied, acknowledged, awarded, and revered as The Blackwoods.  With a history of performing that dates all the way back to 1899, this tight-knit and talented Mississippi family has never taken a break from the gospel music entertainment world.  Siblings, cousins, close family friends, and brilliant singers they’ve met along the way have all been part of a legacy that can boast fans that include the biggest names in music - fans like Kenny Rogers, Tammy Wynette, Charley Pride, the Oak Ridge Boys, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Dolly Parton, and probably the most famous devotee who ever walked the earth - Elvis Presley himself!  The King of rock ‘n roll loved gospel more than any other genre of music, and he so loved and respected The Blackwoods, he honored his mother’s memory by having them perform during her funeral services, believing that she would, somehow, know that her beloved son had blessed her mourners with music from her very favorite singers.

The Blackwoods not only gained millions of fans around the world over the many decades they’ve performed, they’ve repeatedly been on the radar of the music industry’s major awards programs - the Grammy Awards have honored them eight times, they’ve received more than two dozen Dove Awards, and five American Music Awards, and a long list of other awards, accolades, and acknowledgements.  They can easily claim a place among gospel music’s most honored entertainers.

Today, R. W. Blackwood continues the legacy of his father, R.W. Sr., in the country’s capital of live entertainment, Branson, Missouri. The elder R.W. was a member of the famous Blackwood Brothers, a group whose four-part harmony made them a household name in the 50s, especially after they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, the first such appearance by any gospel group. In addition to R.W. Jr., The Blackwoods performing in Branson include his wife, Donna, their daughter, Andrea, and a talented group of four additional vocalists that includes Denny Yeary, a well-known singer in Branson who also performs with Dolly & Friends - A Tribute.  The oldest of the surviving Blackwoods, R. W., shows no sign of slowing down, instead choosing to keep entertainment in the family, including the offspring of he and Donna, their son, Robbie and his wife, Mary. And it appears their six children, ranging in age from 6 to 17, have inherited that legendary, and highly coveted, Blackwood musical talent!

You can enjoy The Blackwoods morning show, with performances held at 10:00 a.m., from March through December at the Branson Famous Theatre, the home of another iconic show, Branson’s Famous Baldkobbers, one of the two long-running, popular shows that helped put Branson’s music industry on the map.

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Pretty much everyone who loves music, is a fan of really good gospel, and gospel doesn’t get much better than the legendary brilliance of The Blackwoods!