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Branson Titanic Museum 2015 Events

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Branson Titanic Museum 2015 Events

The Branson Titanic Attraction is one of Branson's hottest, must do things in 2015, bringing an assortment of new events for guests to enjoy. This year, the attraction will feature displays and experiences ranging from book signings and tributes to heroic people onboard the vessel during her maiden voyage. Here is a list of events happening at the Titanic this year. 

The whole month of March brings a dedication to the Irish who had so much interaction and history with the ship, both with her construction and the ship’s doomed trip across the sea. Guests will learn the histories and stories behind the 184 Irish passengers onboard Titanic during Irish Celebration at the Titanic Museum.

The tragic sinking of the Titanic inspired numerous books spanning the last century, and this year Branson’s Titanic Museum will host several book signings. This spring guests can get up-close and personal with Titanic writers Tammy Knox (Mar 30-Apr 1, 3, Trapped on Titanic), Robert Difulgo (Apr 9-12, Titanic Resurrected Secrets-HEW), and Wade Sisson (Apr 10-12, Racing Through the Night). All events are held 10am-5pm.

The Titanic Museum will proudly host The Girl Scouts of America for several events in 2015. Titanic Branson Girl Scout Days (Apr 11-12) and the 6th Annual “Night at the Titanic” sleepover (Sep 25, 9pm-7am). Guests are invited to bring their own snacks and sleeping bags and have fun exploring the attraction with the crew. Girl Scouts even get a special patch in commemoration of the special learning event. Cost is $20 per adult and $27 for kids ages 5-15 (PG-rated movie will be shown).

This spring from March through May, the Titanic Museum plans to honor many students from local public and private schools, along with homeschooled kids. The ship will literally be used as a classroom, with students learning in subjects like Language Arts, Geography, Science, and History. Teachers are encouraged to visit to view an educational curriculum and other supplementing materials that will aid students for their Titanic experience.

The biggest news surrounding the Titanic Museum for the year 2015 is the special tribute to the eight-member band who played during the ship’s darkest hours. Their courageous act in the face of finality in attempting to bring some sort of comfort to the frightened passengers will be memorialized through personal accounts and background stories of their deeds. This exciting addition to the Titanic Museum serves as a dedication to the sacrifice these musicians made that fateful night and will surely interest any Titanic enthusiast or history buff.