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Veterans are ALWAYS Special in Branson!

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Veterans are ALWAYS Special in Branson!

As evidenced by Tanger Outlets’ recent establishment of designated parking for veterans, Branson goes above and beyond to offer a special experience for our nation’s heroes on a year-round basis.  Branson may be famous for its annual week-long celebration (November 5 through 11, 2017,) easily one of America’s biggest tributes to veterans, but the country’s capital of entertainment also honors veterans at every opportunity throughout the year.  Paying tribute to veterans is an excellent example of the patriotism that’s second nature to Branson...patriotism isn’t a sales pitch here, it’s a character trait.  You don’t need to ask someone why Branson is so patriotic, it’s not really a question that requires an answer...patriotism is the thread that weaves this community together - it simply is Branson.

Here’s just a sampling of how Branson embraces its patriotism and pays tribute to our treasured veterans:

  • Resident shows:  Branson’s longest running nod to veterans comes from its incredible community of live shows.  Nearly every performance by resident shows includes a heartfelt recognition of veterans and active duty members of the military in the audience.

  • Tanger Outlets:  As previously mentioned, Tanger Outlets, one of Branson’s most visited retail centers, has established designated parking spaces for veterans, hopefully making their shopping experience a bit more convenient.  These spaces are available in front of Rack Room Shoes, near Shopper Services, and in front of Direct Tools, located in Suite 234 near the A&W Restaurant.  The spaces are clearly marked with signage that states “Reserved Veteran Parking.”

  • Avenue of Freedom:  A nearly two-mile stretch of Gretna Road, winding through the Branson Meadows district, has been designated the Avenue of Freedom by the City of Branson, the Branson Veterans Task Force, and others who helped raise funds to purchase the flags and maintain the display of nearly 100 flags.  Businesses and individuals sponsoring a flag are acknowledged with plaques on the flagpoles.  The flagpoles reside in beautiful flower beds recently established by the City of Branson.

  • Branson Veterans Memorial Garden:  Created by local Master Gardener and Marine veteran, Ben Kinel, this gorgeous hillside garden greets visitors to Branson travelling along its world-famous Strip - Highway 76.  Funded by donations and maintained by volunteers, this lush, landscaped attraction honors veterans with a stunning display of flowers, shrubs, trees, and tasteful signage.

  • The Missouri Vietnam Veterans Memorial:  You can find State of Missouri’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the campus of College of the Ozarks.  The touching tribute honors 1,410 Missouri men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice during our country’s most divisive war effort.  The division created by our participation in the Vietnam war is illustrated by the memorial’s wall being divided in two pieces, with a statue of soldiers emerging between the two sections.

  • ALL HANDS ON DECK:  One of Branson’s newer shows, ALL HANDS ON DECK, is a dynamic and sincere tribute to our country and a fitting way to thank veterans of WWII and the Korean War.  The show runs March through May, and again from September through December, and can be seen at the Dutton Family Theater.

  • Veterans Memorial Museum: An entire museum in Branson is dedicated to the brave, selfless veterans who’ve served our country in World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and other conflicts.  The Veterans Memorial Museum hosts more than 2,000 displays, many of which have been compiled with the help of veterans and the families of loved ones who served, and include items like uniforms, weapons, letters, medals, and other artifacts that help tell their story.  The museum is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except for Christmas day.

This list is not inclusive of everything in Branson that honors our nation’s veterans; the best way to fully appreciate Branson’s commitment to the bravest of the brave is to experience it for yourself.  If you’re a veteran, please know that Branson sincerely and passionately thanks you for your service.  If you’re not a veteran, please remember to say “thank you” to every veteran you’ll be privileged to meet while you’re here, and express your appreciation for the gift they’ve given each and every one of us - the gift of freedom.

For more information on Branson’s love of veterans, or information on shows, attractions, lodging, shopping, dining, and more, give us a call.