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Branson’s Best Attractions - Titanic Museum Attraction - Top 10 Things to Know!

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Branson’s Best Attractions - Titanic Museum Attraction - Top 10 Things to Know!

Few events in history touch us in such a way that their emotional impact survives generation after generation; and there’s just one event that can still bring to mind vivid images and strong emotions with just one word -  Titanic. Many disasters have occurred that have left a mark on history and altered many lives forever, but there’s something about the story of the unsinkable ship that sank on its maiden voyage that hits at something deep inside all of us.  One of Branson’s top attractions, the Titanic Museum, is a sensational place to visit, both for the avid fan and those just discovering the magic of one of history’s most tragic and inspiring stories. (Check out this earlier post published in December of 2018:  “Branson’s Titanic Museum Attraction - What’s Now, New, and Next?”)

Here are 10 things to know about visiting the Titanic Museum Attraction:

1.  It’s so easy to find!  If you drive down Branson’s world famous Highway 76 and miss the Titanic Museum Attraction, then your car window tint is way too dark!  You can’t help but stare in awe at the giant ship cutting through the water as it appears to be sailing right onto The Strip! The image creates incredible photo opportunities easily accessible from the parking lot area.

2.  You become a Titanic passenger!  Your ticket is a “boarding pass” that features the name of an actual passenger or crew member, allowing you to feel more immersed in the story - you’ll learn your fate in the Titanic Memorial Room.

3.  There’s a large model of the entire ship inside!  Just inside the entrance, guests get the chance to view an incredible reproduction of the ship - it’s encased in glass and situated such that it allows for viewing all the way around the display.  This model allows you to see what an impressive vessel Titanic was and why everyone thought she would never sink.

4.  There’s often something new!  Doesn’t seem quite possible that an attraction honoring an event that took place in 1912 could keep coming up with “new” things, but Branson’s Titanic continues to explore the stories of the passengers and crew members, and the wide variety of circumstances and happenings surrounding the ill-fated ship, recently hosting the largest collection ever gathered of authentic life jackets from the voyage. (See the link above for more information on the lifejacket display.)

5.  There are more than 400 artifacts on display!  It’s truly a stunning collection that’s valued at more than $4.5 million, so you’ll want to make sure you allow enough time to truly appreciate the entire museum.  You’ll find informational signs, helpful crew members, and more to aid in your understanding of the items displayed.

6.  Everything in the Titanic Museum is authentic!  The artifacts on display are genuine - this is not a collection of reproductions made to represent items aboard the Titanic.  Many artifacts were retrieved during several trips to the actual wreckage site by owner, John Joslyn, while others have been donated or are on loan from the families of Titanic’s passengers.  

7.  Many displays are interactive!  There’s a lifeboat you can sit in that represents the actual size of those used on Titanic - you can touch an iceberg and feel how cold the water was at the time (28 degrees) - you can stand on a sloping ship deck and see what it must have been like to grasp the handrails to stay upright - Titanic does a wonderful job of delivering a guest experience that puts you in the moment.

8.  You can take a Flashlight Tour!  This special limited space event takes places on select dates - for 2019, the tours are held June 15, 22, and 29, July 13, 20, and 27, and August 3 at 9:00 p.m.  A crew member will head each tour, provide guests with a Titanic flashlight, and lead the group through mysteries, legends, myths, and facts about Titanic.

9.  Titanic welcomes groups and hosts field trips!  You can bring an organized group to Titanic and enjoy events designed just for groups, including a Titanic Murder Mystery - school field trips are also welcome and designed to be both fun and educational.

10.  You can get married on the Titanic!  How cool is that?  Special wedding packages are available for weddings on the grand staircase or outside at the fountain area - you can also renew your vows.  The ship is also available to host birthday parties for children.

There’s so much more to tell you about the Titanic Museum Attraction, including additional events, ideas for groups, the great gift shop, and we could go on and on and on!  

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