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Branson’s Prettiest Week is Here!

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Branson’s Prettiest Week is Here!

You can enjoy the Fall colors in the Branson area for several weeks in October and November, but Autumn’s most brilliant colors are on full display this week.  And there are so many ways to see the brilliant hues of nature - here are just a few!

  • Take a trip up Inspiration Tower at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead.  The 230 foot high view of the beautiful Branson countryside, filled with rich browns, reds, rusty shades, golds, and greens, is truly breathtaking!  Return after the sun goes down and you can see all the colorful Christmas lights!  An Inspiration Tower visit is complimentary if you purchase a pass for the Trail of Lights drive through display.  Get the Trail of Lights and Inspiration Tower with your ticket to the Christmas on the Trail show!

  • See the colors along the shores of Table Rock Lake when you take a trip aboard Ride The Ducks!  You’ll also enjoy autumn’s glory along the roadside when your amphibious vehicle takes to Branson area streets and travels up a mountainside.   

  • Many of Branson’s resorts, both in town and outside the city, are surrounded by gorgeous trees and other colorful shrubs and plant life.  You can enjoy lovely foliage by simply sitting on the deck or patio of your cabin, condo, or hotel room!  Ask your vacation planning specialist at Save on Branson about the best places to stay.

  • Ride a zipline!  The thrill alone is enough to take a zip trip, but just think of all those pretty trees!   A favorite for really enjoying the beauty of the Ozarks hills is the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider.  Travelling at speeds up to 50 mph from atop Inspiration Tower at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead, the ZipRider travels fast enough to give riders a rush of excitement, yet it still allows time to view the stunning beauty of the fall foliage covering the rolling hills and valleys.

  • Take a drive just about anywhere in the Branson area.  Travel north on U.S. 65 from Branson to the Forsyth/F Highway exit.  Head toward the Ozark Mountain Highroad, a five mile stretch of rolling, tree-filled hills that are free of roadside advertising.  Head toward Forsyth, Rockaway Beach, and beyond and enjoy the winding roads filled with lovely autumn views.  Heading south on U.S. 65 also offers long stretches of trees as you head into Arkansas, or off the highway on any of several winding roads, including Highway 265 where you’ll have several great views of Table Rock Lake.  Branson’s neighboring village, Indian Point, is another good place to visit for enjoying the fall colors.

Whether you take a leisurely drive, zip down a hillside, travel aboard a Duck, or just step outside and take in the view from your hotel, Branson’s most brilliant colors are ready to be enjoyed.  But don’t wait too long, the leaves are at their peak right now.  If you just can’t make it to Branson in the next few days, don’t worry, there are lots of delightfully dazzling Christmas lights to enjoy from now until year’s end!