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Branson for Dinner! 8 Great “Only in Branson” Places for Steak & Prime Rib!

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Branson for Dinner! 8 Great “Only in Branson” Places for Steak & Prime Rib!

For most travelers, finding that perfect place for dinner in every destination is a top priority.  And we’re not talking about finding your favorite chain restaurant from back home; you want some place unique to the destination, in this case, a place that’s only in Branson.  We’re going to tell you where to find a great hunk of meat at an “only in Branson” place - not just any meat, but steak and prime rib, two meals that really get your mouth watering!

Before we get the list started, we would be remiss in not at least mentioning some popular chain brands that do serve up a tasty plate of beef, including Saltgrass Steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse, Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse, LongHorn Steakhouse, Black Oak Grill (not a big chain, but you’ll also find it in Omaha,) and Golden Corral. That last one may surprise you, but take our word for it, the food at Branson’s Golden Corral is a several notches above what you might expect.

Here are the Branson-only restaurants (in alpha order) we’re suggesting when it’s time to get your steak or prime rib fix:

1. Beverly’s Bar & Grill:  If you’re one of those travelers who just has to find the spot where locals hang out for beer, a game of pool, and a really tasty chunk of meat, this is your place in Branson!  Due to a variety of circumstances, Beverly’s has had to move locations from time-time, but the food is so good and the atmosphere just right, folks have no problem going where Beverly’s goes. It’s outside the city limits, so there’s not a ban on smoking, but the ventilation works to take out a lot of the smoke, and there’s a deck for fresh air breaks.  

The Meat to Eat:  Ribeye Steak - Prime Rib Sandwich  

Location:  East Highway 76 - also known as Mt. Branson - above Historic Downtown and Branson Landing

2. Buckingham’s Prime Rib & Steakhouse:  A popular eatery in Branson for years, this quaint spot sits next to the Clarion Hotel. It’s frequented by locals and visitors alike who can’t get enough of their famous, tender, juicy Prime Rib - it’s a dish that’s practically mandatory for every steakhouse in Branson, and restaurants learn quickly that staying stocked up is crucial during the busiest seasons!  And like most decent restaurants, this is not a quick “in and out” dining experience, so make sure you allow enough time for a leisurely meal.

The Meat to Eat:   Steak Diane (elegantly prepared tableside) - Prime Rib

Location:  West Highway 76 a.k.a. Country Music Boulevard a.k.a. The Strip

3. Branson’s Center Stage Grille & Bar:  ...and Kaffee Haus!  This is one of those rare places where mere words can’t describe it’s many attributes - incredible food, great hospitality, and even a lot of fun music is waiting for you!  An excellent chef ensures a nice selection of meat entrees, sandwiches, pastas, and more, and Center Stage is ideal for those with special dietary needs - vegan, vegetarians, and folks who can’t tolerate gluten will all find plenty to eat here.  They boast the “finest, aged mid-western beef” that’s hand cut, lightly seasoned, and charbroiled.

The Meat to Eat:  Mel’s Overture Marinated Sirloin - New York Strip Au Poivre

Location:  West Highway 76 a.k.a. Country Music Boulevard a.k.a. The Strip

4. Chateau Grille:  Found inside the elegant Chateau on the Lake Resort, Spa & Convention Center, the Grille has been the Branson location for elegant lake-view dining for more than 20 years. You can enjoy brunch in the Atrium Cafe & Wine Bar, but we recommend dinner in the Grille, with it’s beautiful table settings and decor, stunning view of Table Rock Lake, and one of the area’s most interesting - in a good way - menus. Although we’re talking about red meat in this particular post, keep in mind that seafood is one of the Chateau’s best meal options.  

The Meat to Eat:  Grilled 12oz KC Strip Steak

Location:  State Highway 265 - near Table Rock Dam and Table Rock State Park

5.  Level 2 Steakhouse:  Speaking of elegant, Level 2 takes it to a whole different - well, different “level” with classy contemporary decor, nicely attired waitstaff, and a fascinating menu. Your first visit should definitely be all about having a great cut of meat, but make sure you return for a local favorite - Pan Seared Ahi Tuna, served on a Himalayan Pink Salt Block.  Located in the beautiful Hilton Hotel, Level 2 offers regular steak eaters at their restaurant a very special service - their own steak knife, with the diner’s name carved into the handle, and available each time they dine here.

The Meat to Eat:  9 oz Filet Mignon - 14 oz Ribeye

Location:  Branson Convention Center Hilton Hotel in Historic Downtown Branson (across the railroad tracks from Branson Landing)

6. Outback Steak & Oyster Bar:  Not to be confused with the Outback Steakhouse chain, this fun themed restaurant also offers a local hot spot for drinks, music, and friendly chatter - the Outback Pub. For an experience that feels like you’re somewhere in the “land down under,” they’ve found one of the prettiest spots on the Branson Strip for this popular eatery; lots of trees and other greenery surround a restaurant that looks like it was picked up in the Australian bush and dropped in Branson!  In addition to great beef, the Outback is known for delectable seafood offerings, including shrimp, crab claws, and alligator tail.

The Meat to Eat:  12oz Prime Rib - Top Sirloin (seasoned with Outback spice - splurge and get the 12 oz)

Location:  West Highway 76 a.k.a. Country Music Boulevard a.k.a. The Strip

7. Paradise Grill & Steakhouse:  Our one spot on the list located in Branson’s Shepherd of the Hills District, home to several popular shows and attractions, Paradise is usually on a list of excellent buffets, but locals keep this casual, friendly spot on their “secret” list for mouth-watering steaks at a reasonable price. Speaking of the buffets, when you’re in the mood to really strap on the feed bag, keep Paradise Grill & Steakhouse in mind - they offer buffets brimming with homestyle cooking, desserts, salads, and fruit.   

The Meat to Eat:  Bacon-Wrapped Filet 8 oz - Ribeye 13oz Portion

Location:  Shepherd of the Hills Expressway

8. St. James Winery & Restaurant:  Yep, this is one of those “saving the best for last” things (alpha list or not!)  It’s Missouri’s most awarded wines that bring folks in, but it’s the restaurant that makes for the “biggest surprise” for most guests.  One of Branson’s most unique menus features offerings like Goat Cheese Stuffed Apricots and Cali Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza. And speaking of pizza, it’s hand-tossed and expertly baked in a brick oven - but meat’s our topic here, and St. James doesn’t disappoint!  Enjoy your meal in the contemporary and casually elegant atmosphere of the dining room, or in the beautiful courtyard in the back, where lawn games and a lovely water feature add to the appeal.

The Meat to Eat:  Prime Rib - a specialty served only on Friday and Saturday

Location:  Highway 165 near the intersection with The Strip

We hope you enjoy some great meat eats on your next visit; stayed tuned, we’ll soon be posting our list of what’s sure to become all your favorite restaurants in Branson!