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Hot Winter Fun Branson Shows in January

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Hot Winter Fun Branson Shows in January

While the summer months in Branson are known for their exciting shows and fun entertainment options, there's a lot happening in January too, including the following sizzling winter shows.

Grand Jubilee

The Grand Jubilee is one of Branson's most entertaining shows, one that has earned a long list of "Best of the year" awards, from the "best" music performances to the "best" comedy show and more. You'll fall in love with the fantastic harmonies and energetic performances of Branson’s best entertainers including the New South quartet. Mark, David, Jason and Jon will be thrilling the audience by singing some of today's top country hits, classics favorites of the Eagles and Oak Ridge Boys, rock and roll favorites and more.

Are you a fan of good old fashioned Gospel music? There'll be plenty of that too along with legendary Jackie Brown's rock solid vocals. Then there's funny man Jamie Haage in his alter ego role of Jim Dandy, along with Mike Patrick as the Emcee, both guaranteed to keep you laughing. One of the things that make the Grand Jubilee even more fun is that the entertainers interact with the audience. Grand Jubilee takes place daily, January through December, at 7:30pm at the Grand Country Music Hall.

Comedy Jamboree

You don't want to miss out on this music and comedy extravaganza. The Comedy Jamboree is all about lots of laughs, great music, dancing and good old family fun. Featuring funny men Stretch McCord, Harley Worthit and Applejack, along with Tracy Heaston a fantastic pianist, the Jamboree Singers and everybody's favorite, the award winning Grand Band. Bottom line, there isn't a better way to spend the afternoon. From clean, but very funny comedy to floor pounding dancing and clogging, to some of today's top country hits, Comedy Jamboree promises an afternoon of over the top fun at 3:00pm every day, January through December, at Grand Country Music Hall,
It - Starring the Hughes Brothers

WOW!! That's right - WOW! It - starring the Hughes Brothers has been referred to as "Branson's ultimate entertainment experience" and it's easy to see why.
The Hughes Brothers and the “Worlds Largest Performing Family” are one of the great success stories of American entertainment. With cast of 50 (and growing) incredible talents, including amazing musicians, singers and dancers, this show presents guests with a huge show serving up an astounding scope of talent. The Hughes brothers have been performing together in the entertainment biz for over 28 (13 of those years in Branson). Their musical training came about naturally while they were growing up (brother Andy started at 2), thanks to their musical parents who were constantly being asked to perform for events, which accounts for their musical flexibility, extraordinary vocals, high energy dance and instrumental proficiency. Even better, they have the unique ability to make you laugh one minute and cry the next. Without a doubt, the Hughes Brothers are the most loved entertainment option in Branson. January's It performances runs the 21st through the 31st.


This Branson friends and family entertainment sensation started in 1959 when the Mabe brothers, known as Baldknobbers, started entertaining the locals and visitors a like on the beautiful Branson lakefront. Now, the family musical legacy continues to thrill audiences by presenting a wide variety of music from classic country to today’s top hits and laugh your heart out comedy. Today, the second and third generations of the family are carrying on the family tradition of great side spitting, toe tapping entertainment; even Life Magazine referred to the show saying "Branson is the Baldknobbers!" The Baldknobbers Jamboree show is different every year, always presenting a variety of country's favorites, rich, soulful gospel and laugh until you cry comedy. The show runs Monday through Saturday, starting at 8pm.

Amazing Pet

If you love animals you definitely need to check out Branson's Amazing Pets show held at the Grand Country Music Hall. Boasting exciting acts and terrific tricks from a talented troupe of highly trained and skilled dogs and clever house cats, this show shouldn't be missed! The stars of the show will blow your mind and capture your hearts as they perform amazing feats, along with their adoring humans. A lot of these precious pets were rescued from humane societies and dog pounds across the country. Along with the clever dogs and cats, you’ll get to see beautiful, trained exotic birds and plenty of additional enchanting surprises that are sure to make you smile. The Amazing Pets show takes place at 10:00am daily.

As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic Branson shows in January so don't wait until summer to come out and have a great time.