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Branson’s Buckets N Boards Delivers Music, Mirth, and Mayhem by the Barrel!

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Branson’s Buckets N Boards Delivers Music, Mirth, and Mayhem by the Barrel!

Branson hangs its hat on shows, lots of ‘em - every genre, era, and type of music is showcased...and then there are the delightfully different shows, and they don’t come any more delightful or different than Buckets N Boards!  It’s filled with music, but it’s way more than that - these two talented artists deliver high-energy entertainment that’s as unusual, and unusually brilliant, as it gets!  Matt Levingston and Gareth Sever are the buddies reponsible for this most magical - minus any actual magic - of Branson shows, and their most notable talent is the ability to turn just about anything into a percussion instrument.  

Not all of the music created in Buckets N Boards is perscussion-based; both Levingston and Sever are phenomenal guitar players, great singers, and they round it out by employing some really cool and crazy dance moves!  You’ll love their batch of silly songs, the athleticism they display all over the stage and, of course, their creative use of everything from ladders to boards, and from barrels to buckets to create the percussion sounds that form the foundation of each show.  These two mischievous musicians give audiences the kind of show that defies simple labels, but what it does probably better than any live performance entertainment you’ll find anywhere is keep the rapt attention of even the most restless kids!

Buckets N Boards can be seen at the Starlite Theatre, one of Branson’s most interesting venues. It features a huge, atrium-style lobby area surrounded by windows, a neat little diner-sized restaurant that serves up scrumptious barbecue, a nice gift shop offering unique items, in addition to the expected logo merchandise, and it hosts a nice variety of other big shows, like Raiding the Country Vault, Raiding the Rock Vault, Larry’s Country Diner, and the unusually fascinating Janice Martin in her new Cirque Show.  

It’s the only show in Branson that can be described as having inventive instrumentation that includes making music out of hitting just about anything in sight with a drum stick and, on top of the perfectly peculiar percussion, it produces some of the biggest laughs in Branson!  It’s the fantastic Buckets N Boards, and we’re ready to get you great seats so you won’t miss a single beat!