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Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Will Delight, Dazzle, and More Than Amaze You!

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Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Will Delight, Dazzle, and More Than Amaze You!

In Branson, there’s nothing quite like athletic acrobats from the other side of the world, and one of the greatest exhibitions of these phenomenal athletes can be found at the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai!  Many shows feature performers who possess a wide range of talents, but the list of everything these young people have mastered is truly astounding...each is a gymnast, a dancer, a contortionist, an athlete, an artist, an instructor, an assistant, and a star, and even a touch of magician, to boot!  

Their show is organized in performance segments; the audience hears an announcer talking about each upcoming “feat,” often giving the history behind the act - many date back hundreds of years, but remain every bit as thrilling today as they must have been for those audiences of so long ago.  Trying to adequately describe, in writing, what takes place on the stage of the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai is difficult, even when this writer has recently witnessed this larger-than-life production! Some acts, like the boys juggling numerous hats, will have you charmed and smiling, with others, like the precarious balancing acts, will have you on the edge of your seat and nearly to the point of covering your eyes while holding your breath!  

This display of a physical art form that’s centuries-old, with delicate and exacting techniques being passed from one generation to the next, is something that deserves to be treasured, especially in this day of throw-away products, time-limited and trendy styles, passing fads, and short attention spans created by ever-faster internet speeds and rapidly changing cell phone and computer technology. The elegance, grace, strength, and athleticism of these dynamic physical artists, together with the color, music, nail-biting stunts, and non-stop excitement, all come together to deliver a show that’ll keep young and old - and even the most jaded of temperamental teenagers - unforgettably entertained!

The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai are now located on Branson’s world-famous “Strip” - Highway 76 - at the Grand Shanghai Theatre, with performances that run from March through December.  The theatre has a great gift shop, so you’ll definitely want to stop and find a perfect souvenir, especially one that their on-site artist can engrave for you - a beautiful wood necklace with your loved one’s name inscribed in Chinese characters makes a wonderful gift!

When you’re ready to let the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai do what they do best - truly "Amaze" you - give us a call at 877-688-3179 and let our friendly and experienced vacation planning specialists reserve the best available seats at a significant savings to you!