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Clay Cooper Has a Brand New Show for 2018

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Clay Cooper Has a Brand New Show for 2018

Guess what we’re really lovin’ this week?  Clay Cooper’s new show! Clay’s amped up the action in his all-new, entirely fantastic, show for 2018!  Expect everything you really love about Clay Cooper’s Country Express, with even more action, laughter, fun, and music!  Clay’s profile in this city full of great music is so high, he’s likely to answer to Mr. Branson as easily as Mr. Cooper, and everyone’s come to expect that he’ll have one of the best shows in town year after year -- the new show more than lives up to expectations!  It might feel a little less ‘western,” but don’t worry, you’ll still hear incredible country music in Clay’s show, as well as great songs from a variety of genres - everything from gospel to rock ‘n’ roll, and everything in-between, before, and beyond - you get the idea, this show has variety!

Do you love to hear music that stirs the patriotism in your heart?  You’re gonna hear it! How about some of your favorite pop music hits?  Yep, got that, too! And we’re not talking about just any run-of-the-mill singers trying to deliver several different types of songs; in addition to the versatile vocals of Clay, you’ll hear from a trio of performers who dazzled the audience in the Celebrate show aboard the Showboat Branson Belle, as well as the talented Kari Garrison, who’s appeared in several other popular Branson productions.  And what’s a music show without an honest-to-goodness live band full of experienced musicians? Clay’s six-piece band consists of excellent, experienced musicians - RP Harrell, Jonathan Black, Barry Bales, Jimmy Hyde, Robbie Springfield, and Mark Evans have all worked with the best in the business, and they’ll be giving their best to Clay Cooper’s Country Express!

Clay’s show has always been about family, and you can expect that to continue in 2018 -- he not only loves to entertain families, his own family joins him on stage!  Tina Cooper, an experienced dancer and choreographer, leads a troupe of ten fantastic dancers in the show, and Clay and Tina’s two sons, Colt and Caden, have inherited those coveted talent genes from their folks - both love to dance, sing, and make everyone laugh.  And speaking of humor, you won’t find anyone funnier than Matt Gumm, the show’s resident funnyman!

Great music, loads of laughter, amazing dance moves, and nearly endless energy come together to deliver one of the best show experiences you’ll find in Branson...heck, it’s one of the best you’ll find anywhere!  Clay Cooper’s Country Express - we highly recommend getting your tickets now while we have good seats available - just give us a call at 877-688-3179 - friendly vacation planning specialists can’t wait to hear from you!